Jun 10 2011

Romney Is Unacceptable – Period

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Just a short post today, but not much needs to be said since Mitt Romney has proven himself to be nothing more than Obama-lite on Global Warming:

The early GOP presidential front-runner has broken with his party’s conservative ranks to declare global warming a real threat to the planet that merits some sort of action to curb heat-trapping emissions.

Sorry, but Romney does not have the IQ, science and math background to understand this issue – and he is wrong. I will not go into all the ways the global warming farce has been proven wrong over the last two decades. Suffice to say the sky is not falling as predicted. Worse yet, the IPCC predictions became so outrageous as to be laughable. We even learned data disproving the wild claims of runaway warming never before seen in a thousand years was covered up and we are no warmer now than in the 1930’s, Medieval Times or Roman Warm Period.

So for Romney to claim, without any evidence he actually grasps the technical nuances of the matter, Global Warming is real and we need to waste money on it is the final straw. No way, no how – and no need.

The guy is for government run health care and believes in the fantasy of Global Warming. So how exactly is this a better choice than Obama?

The last thing we need to do is hand to Romney a GOP run Congress in 2012 so he can do his version of Global Disaster Obama! Actually, I would rather have a GOP Congress with heavy majorities using the veto override on an impotent Obama than give Romney even as much as an inch to repeat Obama’s mistakes. Obama can do nothing with a GOP Congress, Romney could. So don’t think Obama could not win another term if what we need was a powerless figure head playing golf all the time.

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  1. WWS says:

    Having watched Perry closely for years now, he’s not as strong a candidate as he may look. You’d think I’d be all for someone from my state (as I was always for Bush) but….

    Perry talks a good game now, but the financial success has been due far more to the legislature and to a general attitude that says NO to income taxes, yes to business. The Governor’s office in Texas is fairly weak, often little more than a figurehead while all the real action takes place in the Lege. It’s fair to say that the Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst, has more real power and influence over legislation and policy in his position as President of the Senate than the Gov does.

    In the plus column: Perry’s learned to become a very good campaigner, and gives good, rousing campaign speeches. (I’ve seen some) He was smart enough to jump on the Tea Party band wagon early and put his marker there. He’s not ashamed to be seen with Sarah Palin. He’s directed the state regulatory commissions to go to war with the EPA, and for that I do give him great credit – he has really done everything he can to fight Washington’s control. He’s very moderate on immigration, which will be a minus to some tea partiers but which I think is a reasonable position. (very similar to GWB) He’s fiscally sound.

    In the minus – He talks a better game than he actually performs. His favorite tactic is to let something dirty go down on his watch and never say anything about it or pretend he doesn’t know about it, when everyone knows he does. He may appear strong now, but there was a reason he only got 40% of the vote statewide in 2006. (4 way race, he still won since his opponents split so badly) In any national race, the Dem’s will dig up all of the old scandals, such as the vaccination scandal. The hint of pay for play has always been around him, and there have been way too many times when new policy’s have been announced days after major personal contributions have been made to him by those who will benefit.

    That’s not out now, but as soon as he runs, it will be. It was all out in the 2006 campaign against him – it didn’t come up in the 2010 campaign because the Dem, Bill White, decided it was old news. But there will be a lot to throw at him in any true national campaign. The main reason I prefer Pawlenty over Perry is that I really do think Pawlenty is clean on the issue of influence buying and money hustling – and I’m pretty sure Perry isn’t.

    I don’t know, maybe a guy who’s a bit crooked will make a stronger, tougher campaigner and be more willing to go for the throat than a truly honest man would. But it bothers me.

  2. WWS says:

    example – his actions, or lack of them, in the Mormon kids scandal were particularly shameful. backstory – the state grabbed 400 kids from a rather unpopular Mormon sect out near El Paso, took them away from their parents and gave them to foster care. BIG publicity seeking raid, several state agencies involved. It later turned out that the “evidence” this decision was based on was one hoaxed telephone call from someone who had a personal grudge against someone in the compound, but the State didn’t relent because they thought it would be popular, make them look tough.

    Well, I gotta give Perry credit – once the case began to fall apart, he tap danced so well that by the end you’d think that the State had nothing at all to do with it and he never knew about it – even though he obviously had directed it all from the start.

    They were always hard to stand up for because they were from a small, unpopular religious sect and the press loves to vilify anyone like that. But the “evidence” against them was faked – it fell apart in court. No one seemed to care, and the State never relented. Their lives, and their community, was destroyed. But in the end, all Perry would say was that he never knew anything about it.

  3. dhunter says:

    My wagon is firmly hitched to Sarah Palin and as soon as she’s in I will donate and WORK for her.
    IMHO she is the only one who will transform DC, sell off the extra limos and lavish perks, put an end to entirely useless and repetitive agencys and actually attempt to reduce the size of Govt.

    All the rest are merely politicians first who will continue the same old games going along with the status quo to further their careers and status.

    I donated, and worked for the R ticket last time because of Sarah surely not because of the old pandering fool McCain.

    Alas it seems the Establishment seems bent on pushing upon us another McCain, Dole, Dem Lite that will get their asses handed to them by Obama in the general.
    Sarah is the closest thing to Reagan and Thatcher since those two and it hillarious to watch both sides desperately try to marginalize or disqualify her, can you say vetting? No-one has been more thouroly “vetted” than Sarah.

    If she is not the nominee I may have to reassess the philosophy of voting for any Republican over Obama as the Republican Party is as much the problem as the Democrats and they are unwilling, unable to actually control spending or themselves.
    Their attempts to close out Sarah express for all to see that they are not in favor of real cuts, real reform, rather just a change of the guard.
    Why are they afraid to let her run and see if she can make her case to the American people? Why do both sides FEAR her? It’s a question all should ask themselves, the answer illuminates the problem with both parties.

    Restore America!

  4. crosspatch says:

    I don’t believe Palin will be running. Seriously. But maybe that will depend on how the movie does.

    I could vote for Pawlenty or Rudy or Perry, and they all have their flaws. None of them is “perfect”. Won’t be voting for Newt or Mitt, though.

  5. Mike M. says:

    I’d vote for Romney in the general election – but only after donning a gas mask. Holding my nose wouldn’t cut it.

    I’m not enthused about anyone in or potentially in this field. Hell, if I has a reasonable power base, I’d run myself. It’s time this nation was led by someone who had more knowledge of math than the ability to occasionally balance a checkbook. And a knowledge of national security issues that went beyond buying votes with contracts and ship names.

  6. jan says:

    I donated and worked for Palin during the last election too. But, IMO, I doubt she will run either. Plus, if she did run I think her chances of winning are slim to none. She has too high a wall of negatives built up against her — most of which are fabrications, some of which are a byproduct of her confrontational personality.

    Anyway, like a few here have already stated, my priority is to defeat Obama. That means I will most likely vote for whoever wins the republican primary. Pawlenty is slowly growing to be my first choice for that vote. However, if it is one of the others mentioned as potential candidates, including Palin or Romney, I will vote for them.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Perry will be attacked over his position on TTC, HPV, and things like that.

    wws, I agree with you regarding his speeches. Great speeches as well as his evolution of principles from Democratic to conservatism. But a lot of people in Texas do not trust him. They voted for Perry to prevent Bill White from getting elected.

    This will be my kind of vote. I won’t vote for Perry in the primary but will in the general if he wins the nomination. I don’t understand why he has a strong Tea Party backing.

    I believe there are better choices in the primary and I’m really grateful that this primary base is better than the ’08.

    I’m a bit disappointed in Michelle Bachman’s selection of Huck’s ex-manager.

    I don’t think Palin will enter the race. She’s making great money nowadays.

  8. CatoRenasci says:

    I cannot vote for Romney. Pawlenty put it nicely today: “Obamneycare”.

    I will focus on congress and local elections. No effort for Romney, not even a vote, if he’s the nominee.

    If Romney ends up as the nominee, he’ll be the Republicans’ Millard Fillmore.

  9. WWS says:

    Mav- ericks! Mav-ericks! Mav-ericks!!!

  10. Redteam says:

    AJ, when I first read what Luke said, I said to myself “obviously he has no clue about physics” and then I read where you told him that. These global warming peoples are not very smart or educated.

    The Republicans do not presently have anyone running for President. The liberal formerly MS Media has some favorites they are trying to foist upon us, but us conservatives ain’t buying. Romney is clearly the favorite of the press because they are fairly sure obama can beat obama lite. Romney has absolutely no chance amongst the conservatives.
    Palin, as of right now, in my opinion, is the most likely Republican candidate, because she actually has a chance to win. That’s why the press is working so hard against her.
    Keep the faith, we won’t have to vote for any illegal aliens.

  11. WWS says:

    guy walks up to LeBron James and asks him if he has change for a dollar

    LeBron says yea, reaches in his pocket and hands the guy 3 coins.

    guy looks and says “Hey, this is 75 cents ”

    LeBron says “Man I don’t have a fourth quarter”

  12. oneal lane says:


    Well I “had” been excited about Perry perhaps getting in. After reading your posts he sounds like another G.W. Bush.

    Romney is a big government establishment Republican, Palin could not take the heat as Governor of Alaska and had to quit, I don’t know how she could claim to handle the Presidency. Pawlenty is chrisma challenged. The pizza man has some good things to say but is largely clueless. I like Michelle, smart, though, energetic chrismatic, pretty, but she has yet to get traction.

  13. ivehadit says:

    Go Mavs!!!!!!! What a playoff, WWS!!!!!