Jun 06 2011

Anthony “The Package” Wiener In Real Hot Water Now

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Listening to Tony “The Package” admit he obsessed with exposing himself (virtually of course) to women no one should think the guy is in the clear. To the contrary, one of the reasons Tony came clean and confessed is there is an x-rated version of this package out there, sent to someone who is clearly not impressed or happy. My guess is Mr. Wiener crossed a line and is now in someone’s cross hairs (there is good money to be made here ladies). Was he at one time after under aged girls? Would anyone be so gullible as to believe his denials now?

So riddle me this sports fans: How is exposing oneself in person a crime and exposing yourself virtually not? What happens if the pornographic image is naively opened up in front of kids or at work? This is easily sexual harassment and exposure if anyone wishes to make the charge.

Tony, you are so done. You should have really manned up and resigned.

Update: Oh the Humanity!

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  1. So when is this internet flasher going to resign?

  2. dhunter says:

    Every tough question a Presstitute asks a Republican should be answered thusly:
    “Mr Ryan, is it true you want to kill grandma”
    Paul Ryan:
    ” NO IT IS NOT, but you may want to ask my attorney Anthony Weiner D Liar New York about that!”
    Sarah is it true you botched the Paul Revere thing?
    Sarah Palin:
    “NO I DID NOT, but you may want to ask my attorney Anthony Weiner D Liar New York about that!”

  3. WWS says:

    LOL – your headlines are crackin’ me up!!!

  4. WWS says:

    Way too many pics of Anthony Wiener on the tube tonight! But when the shirtless pic came up, I noticed something, and I’m curious if anybody else has thought of this.

    In his shirtless pic, he obviously is proud of his physique, nicely cut pecs, etc. But he’s 47 – no 47 year old man looks like that unless he’s on steroids. (sad fact of life) Another sad fact is that a whole lot of people take steroids under any number of names and lie about them – but they’re easy to get. yeah, they really do work on the physique, but they’ve got serious consequences.

    I’ve known enough people who take these (so have you) to know that these don’t just have physical effects, they have mental effects as well. Irrational thinking and “Roid Rage” are just some of them.

    This isn’t meant to let him off the hook – anyone who takes drugs is responsible for *all* of the consequences of that bad choice. And any 47 year old who feels the need to take steroids has got some serious vanity and judgment issues.

    But this would explain a *lot* about his behavior – the bad judgment, the emotional outbursts, the predatory sexual behavior – it all fits.

    That’s what I think is behind all of this.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Even some of the far left blogs are saying he is toast and just dead meat walking.

    Next up he will be a character witness for John Edwards.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    And there are so many weiner jokes. I understand that Breitbard is withholding some photos because those photos are too lewd for public release. Not good.

    Weiner is done.

    Now we wake up to Obama’s really bad poll numbers…the worse ever for him.

    Last night I read that Austan Goolsbee is departing in time for a new school year. He must be seeing the writing on the wall.

    Right or wrong…anyone reading the White House Insider information? Something about the Democratic Party working with the Republican Party to ensure that Obama will not get re-nominated nor re-elected? The Insider also adds that there will be something very interesting coming out within 72 hours (no, I don’t know what the start of 72 hours began). I doubt that Austan’s departure is interesting enough.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    I’m not surprised that Weiner refuses to resign.

    I’m not surprised that Pelosi called for ethics investigation.

    Quite the opposite with those on the Republican side….they resign either right away or eventually (Ensign).

  8. WWS says:

    I agree with Krauthammer – officially, Boehner and the Republicans should back off and just let the Dem’s squirm. No reason to press the issue – the longer Wiener stays in office, the longer this issue smolders and makes the Dems look bad. Why hurry to make your enemies quit hurting themselves? Let them figure it out – or not.

    If Wiener stays now, so what? He’s completely neutralized. He can’t go on cable anymore except as the punchline to a joke. He can’t propose anything in Congress since no one trusts him. He’s in the minority so his vote really wasn’t important anyways – so what if he stays? Like Rangel, his seat is now a dead seat with no influence or power as long as he’s in it.

    Chris Lee didn’t resign quickly out of any sense of nobility or shame or whatever – he resigned because Boehner called him up and told him if he didn’t, the full weight of his own party would be thrown against him the next day. *THAT’S* what ended the Chris Lee scandal so fast! And even though NY-26 ended up being lost, in the big picture none of that scandal attached to the GOP majority, because it was dealt with quickly and now is forgotten.

    A. Wiener is in Pelosi’s hands now, and so far she is blowing it.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    wws, I agree. As much as I know it’s NOT the right thing to do but I want Obama to listen to the GM CEO to go ahead and raise that gas price by one buck. The GM CEO is going to think WRONG that people will flock to his electric cars. Nope.

    But that will force MORE Americans to OVERWHELMINGLY vote for Obama’s opponent and NOT the third party candidate.

    I read that Sarah Palin is thinking of running as the third party candidate. I hope not! That will help obama get re-elected.

    Now I’m reading that the judges are having a hard time accepting Katyal’s arguments. So they may rule all or part of ObamaCare unconstitutional. If ruled unconstitutional, Eric Holder is going to appeal it and off it goes to the US Supreme Court.

    But this is going to be a major blow to Obama. Good.

    BTW, we just started the next RIF for the shuttle fleet retirement….two months in advance. Morale is going to get worse.

  10. jan says:


    Do you have a link for the Washington Insider story?

  11. crosspatch says:

    I know there’s a Hebrew National joke in there somewhere but I just can’t tease it out.

  12. WWS says:

    This looks like a job for Monster Mohel!