Apr 17 2006

Updates On Grossman and Plame!

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OK, it was suggested I write a post telling everyone I have been updating the Marc Grossman and INR Memo posts so people can make sure to see the broadening picture.  For Grossman it is looking pretty bad.  So in case you did not notice – there are lots of updates in them.

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  1. wickedpinto says:

    Random story.

    There was a girl that I nailed a time or two, (actually more, but thats besides the point) and she was a socialist/semi-anarchist, and she would assist in the organization of anti-government protests, and she would be the extreme player, promoting something akin to riots.

    She would tell about how it only takes 6 people to flip a car, and only one match to light it on fire, she REALLY felt that way.

    flash forward just 4 years. She got married, and she was thinking about having children, and she would give lectures about “responsible protest.” And I was a Former Marine, who loved America.

    I say that for a reason. NEVER would have I allowed her to do that had I known, never would I have been able to live with myself if I did not share what I knew. I would have sold out this beautiful, and FANTASTIC LAY! she was great in bed, GREAT! and beautiful, OH MY GOD! she was just. . . . . ROAR! I hope that makes it clear.

    I would have sold her out in an instant, if she were American, but she wasnt.

  2. clarice says:

    Rick Ballard and M. Lopez driect readers to your site in this fine AT article: http://americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=5422