May 06 2011

Obama White House Still In Over Their Head

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John Hinderaker at Powerline wrote the post I was going to write this morning, about how team Obama took a smashing military success and turned it into a political mess:

First we had John Brennan spinning a tale about bin Laden blazing away at the SEALs while using his wife–now deceased–as a human shield. Every detail of that story turned out to be false. Then the administration claimed that it looked as though Osama was reaching for a gun, so the SEALs had to shoot him. Next, the theory was that Osama was clothed, not naked, so he could have had a bomb under his clothes and had to be shot. Another iteration emerged this afternoon, as an administration official told AFP that guns were found in the room where Obama was shot, so he was a threat to the SEALs

… in the immediate context of the raid on bin Laden’s compound, the SEALs were not defending themselves. They were on the attack, as they needed to be to carry out their orders.

I predicted the left would lose it over the jubilation that would arise from Bin Laden’s demise, and I have not been disappointed. Micheal Moore – buffoon extraordinaire – claimed it was an execution. As the saying goes: ‘well spotted!’ Then there was some idiot who felt it was wrong to kill an unarmed Bin Laden, a man who inflicted mass murder on 3,000 unarmed men, women and children on 9-11 alone (not to mention all the others killed in Africa, Spain, Bali, India and London).

This was a military action, and only a deluded liberal would confuse a military action with a law enforcement action. They are not, and never were, meant to be connected in law or history. There is no self-defense defense required. Just as there is not one required for bombing raids. (“Honest, I was just flying my little ‘ol B-52 bomber at 20,000 feet and I spotted this guy on the ground reaching for his pistol. I had no choice but to drop my load on him”.)

What Hinderaker has exposed is another case where this inexperienced White House can’t even take a smashing victory and work it to their advantage. Over half way into his tragic first term, Obama and his team of misfits can’t even do a victory lap without falling over their own feet.

If they can’t even handle this simple exercise of celebration, one does not have to wonder why their efforts on the real challenges facing this country continue to fall short and fail.

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  1. kathie says:

    The picture AJ……..the laugh of the day, it’s good!

  2. WWS says:

    Best headline of the week:

    “Obama administration takes victory lap in clown car”

  3. JolieFleurs says:

    Ah, cut ’em some slack. The tables are clearly from the same manufacturer; they were overcome by the fog of war and didn’t realize they had stumbled in to the closet.

  4. Redteam says:

    why aren’t we hearing this from the MSM? Surely they are interested in the ‘true’ story, not just a puff piece from obama

  5. WWS, AJ,

    It is easier for the Obama Administration to look like clowns and distract people than deal with the real issue of finding and killing Osama Bin Laden 800 yards from Pakistan’s version of West Point.

    I posted my thoughts about it over at the Chicagoboyz blog:

    PAKISTAN EXPOSED – If Osama and Al-Qaeda are ISI, Then What?

    Posted by Trent Telenko on May 5th, 2011

    The discovery of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan’s most secure stronghold at Abbottabad, just 800 yards from Pakistan’s West Point is clear and convincing evidence that Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism against America. There is no other reasonable explanation.

    We already knew Pakistan is what we feared a nuclear-armed Iran would be — a nuclear-armed, terrorist supporting, state. Just ask India about Mumbai and the Lashkar-e-Taiba. Now we know that Pakistan is attacking us too. Al Qaeda is the operational arm of Pakistani intelligence (ISI) attacking us just as Lashkar-e-Taiba is its operational arm attacking India.

    The link has the rest of the post.