Apr 16 2011

Liberals Up In Arms – With Blathering Slander

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The left now sits on the political precipice, as their doomed policies have led to a political quagmire they dare not and cannot pull themselves out of. The death spiral caused by their severe ignorance and horrible judgment has brought us to the final stages of the latest (and probably last for a while) political realignment. A realignment that began with Ronald Reagan. Since Reagan’s time the Democrats have lost their iron grip on the Congress, numerous State Houses and their mental stability.

Yes, there were reversals and pauses along the way. Some of this was a natural hesitation by the electorate to cut the chord with the big-government, nanny-state Democrats and put their faith in the GOP mantra of free enterprise and their own individual abilities. Some of these reversals were due to folks on the right fringe acting just like folks on the left fringe – demanding everyone conform to their narrow world view. And some pauses where due to flawed candidates. But they were pauses in unmistakable political shift that was always going to take decades to happen. You don’t change long held beliefs of millions of people over night.

Whatever happened to the nation that boldly explored where no one else dared to go, to simply discover what the truth is for ourselves? Apparently we got complacent and we looked to others fix things for us. We relied on government and not ourselves.

When the truly heroic Democrats of our forgotten past threw off the chains of corporate America’s rich and powerful, they gave America back to the individual worker. They stopped the enslavement of workers for greed. But then the modern left trapped that same worker all over again, caging them into bullying and greedy unions that now enslave the workers as much as the robber barons of old. The individual has once again been smothered by the big-whatever.

This also happened with the fight to free women and minorities from their substandard place in society. This good fight opened a door for America to tap this unused diversity, potential and drive – a treasure trove of energy that was caged up by out of date norms of society. In America these shackles were finally broken and the energy burst forth. You don’t see any of this in the backward countries that hold women as property and not people, nor in the countries where outsiders of any race, creed, color, ethnicity or religion are relegated to second rate status. America is that beacon on a Hill because of what the old Democrat Party was back in the middle of the last century.

But the modern left took away the very foundations these newly liberated people had relied on during all those dark and stupid times. They destroyed the family, the sense of community and the anchor of the local religious community. The left, to this day, wages war on the foundations of humankind that allow the individual to grow and be nurtured so they can take on their individual horizons. The African-American family, for example, is all but gone now and its impact to the community is devastating. Is it really a surprise this community is also the last to slavishly follow the left’s victim-based policies, where the individual no longer rises above the challenges but blameothers and demands the state take care of them?

The big government, big union cage is not even gilded anymore. Which is why the conservative wave of the 1990’s was able to sweep away the endless leftist welfare trap. A trap that replaced the self sufficient family living with its neighbors – supported through hard times by their community, church and/or synagogue – with welfare checks and no jobs.

The last round of hesitation by the electorate in 2006-08 was due to exhaustion. The exhaustion of years of fear from terrorism, and from wars were the people we fought for seemed unable to respect our sacrifices. It was also the age of the flim-flam democrat, who promised people in wheel chairs would walk if we sacrificed enough young human fetuses, and that the rich are out to take away the government’s meager handouts from the needy. It was a time of gross exaggeration and hype. The left prayed on the people’s anxieties and self doubt – promising to make it all better.

It worked for a while, and the left got their shot at pushing their image of America. And now America is in the processes of complete rejection of that image. We have decided not to trust the lazy bureaucrat to make decisions with our hard earned money. They will not touch our families’ health care – our life blood. They will not tell us how to think or talk, dress or eat. They will no longer harass us with their delusions of superiority while picking our pockets. The tide turned in 2010, but it has not peaked yet.

Of course, the left has yet to figure out they have no superior intellect, motives, skills or compassion. They can barely hide their disgust with the average American – obvious in their reactions to the Tea Party grass roots, which grew straight out of the center of the electorate. And as they realize Mom and Dad voter are cutting off the funds for the Bureaucrat Delinquents (BD verses a JD), their anger at Mom and Dad voter is rising as fast as their composure is failing.

Look at the liberal response to relieving government employees from mandatory union dues, instead requiring said workers to pay into their individual health and retirement plans. In essence, the union member has to pay more for their individual benefits, but they are no longer required to fund a union who may not deserve their money. Individual vs union – and the union went bonkers at the fact their gravy train was now their responsibility. The only thing the union did not offer up as a compromise was the collection of dues by the government. Everything else was on the table at one point or another. The new robber barons were exposed.

Look at the response to the Ryan plan! Obama says we are trading tax breaks for the rich for medicine for grandma – even though these two things are completely distinct and not connected whatsoever. Medicare is and Medicaid are funded by the FICA payroll deductions – which have income caps on them. The rich NEVER pay the same percentage into these entitlements as the poor. The poor and middle class have 100% of their income taxed for these programs, but the rich have only a small fraction applied (the first $107K in SALARY!). For millionaires they see 10% or less of their income hit for these programs.

So Obama and the left are lying when they claim INCOME TAX is traded for FICA TAX. A lie too many gullible fools are willing to believe. In fact, Obamacare is the largest threat to Medicare out there:

While the Democrats still do not understand what they have done with Obamacare, the government’s actuaries and accountants do, and have been telling us in official government publications and documents. The 2010 Financial Statement of the United States Government, published by the Treasury Department in December, is the most clear. That report discloses repeatedly in several tables of data that the total of future cuts in payments to doctors and hospitals under Medicare as provided in current law due to Obamacare and President Obama’s Medicare reimbursement policies is $15 trillion!

Emphasis in the original. The Ryan-GOP plan moves Medicare and Medicaid out of the reach of DC bureaucrats. Medicaid will go to the states in block funds, while Medicare will be a subsidy provided so each retiree can select the plan of their choice. DC will have no say where we use our Medicare dollars – none.

Again, the battle between the individual or big government is being waged. And the Democrats are on the dead side of history. It has not dawned on liberals they cannot demagogue the Ryan proposal because it will be very popular. Anything that takes money from the government and puts it back into the voters hands is going to win the day. Fear of making our own decisions is a fantasy that runs around the minds of liberals as they prop up their imagined superiority. It does not exist in the real world, though the left keeps acting like it is some powerful force. Maybe 100 years ago – but not today.

So the inept left, afraid of the quintessential, self-sufficient, American individual has succumbed to all out lies and slander. Obama’s budget speech this week was an hour long and vacuous screed against his straw men demons in his mind. There was no reality in it – none. His false choices have become worn out, tired and pathetic – just like the rest of the far left. They fear a brave new world that relies on the individual and the community, and shuns the centralized buffoonery of big government (where the only competition is to work long enough to retire).

I agree with many who find no evidence President Obama is on a glide path to reelection. His poll numbers are dropping across the board, and the GOP finally has some serious and mature proposals on the table. Proposals that are not cotton-candy light and marginal, but rock solid attempts to fix things long broken. And I think they will all be shocked at how much Americans will respect and back the candor and the personal risk these people are making to do the right thing.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    An article by Walter Mondale on raising taxes.

    Remember how well that worked out for him back during his run for the President even way before the Tea Parties and deficits like we have now existed?

    Read more: http://nanosecondinv.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=genpoltical&action=display&thread=18886#ixzz1JhmahB00

  2. MerlinOS2 says:


    A full body slam take down about how what passes for informed commentary by the left really isn’t.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:


    Top 10 Outrageous Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes

    A good summary of the kinds of stuff she says all the time and part of why she was appointed to head up the DNC instead of being elected to fill the job.

    Read more: http://nanosecondinv.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=genpoltical&action=display&thread=18849#ixzz1JhnznZNr

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    Wow: Obama issues “signing statement” rejecting budget cuts to White House “czars”

    If anybody tries to negotiate anything with someone who would welsh on a deal before the ink is dry.

    Read more: http://nanosecondinv.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=18825#ixzz1JhoVsjgH

  5. AJStrata says:

    Kewl stuff Merlin – thanks for the links!

  6. kathie says:

    Good work AJ.

    The government is saying that the Ryan plan for Seniors is terrible, we will be thrown to the wolves. What Obama doesn’t say is that Obama has already taken $500 million dollars from Medicare and he has instructed a panel to decide how the remaining money will be spent for each senior. This panel will decide, for instance, if a hip replacement for a 85 year old is an ok expenditure when there are many with diabetes need treatment. There is not enough money to cover all needs for all seniors, WE ALL KNOW THAT. So the question is who will make the decisions, me or my government. I choose me!

  7. MerlinOS2 says:


    Budget deal cuts ‘czars’

    So the czars item was part of the negotiations for the 38.5 billion spending package deal it was not a part of some independent legislation that he was addressing.

    So the White House agreed to it as part of their deal and then took it right back with a signing statement.

    You can bet that if the Republicans did anything like that he would slam them unmercifully about ‘not negotiating in good faith’.

  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    You are welcome AJ and there is much more than that I have collected up.

    I have a toolbar for formatting comments with html codes in Firefox but for some reason since I upgraded to the 4.0 version I can’t seem to get my login to work with that browser.

    It is on my todo list LOL

    It is a plug in for firefox called text formatting toolbar and supports BBcode (which the forum uses) and html which most blogs use and wikicode (for editing up wiki type setups).

    So it is a handy tool to make pretty looking posts but I still have to figure out just why I am having issues logging in via FF.

    The login looks to be working but when I get back to the thread it tells me I still need to login to comment.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    The Daily Grind: ‘A Pyromaniac in a Field of Straw Men’

    Paul Ryan on Obama’s speech: “Rather than building bridges, he’s poisoning wells” and my personal favorite, “He’s basically a pyromaniac in a field of straw men.”

    “The president also called for undoing the Bush tax cuts for upper-income taxpayers, and for canceling other tax cuts many of them receive such as the mortgage interest deduction — items that instead of labeling ‘tax increases’ he called ‘spending reductions in the tax code.’”

  10. AJStrata says:

    Everyone is having issues with the site – need to get to some upgrades.

  11. lurker9876 says:

    MerlinOS, thanks for the links. I see your site is still active. I just logged back in. Do you have RSS set up?

    A good post but I’m still skeptical because Obama fooled too many people back in ’08. And the Dems are still playing the PR on the Americans and I find too many Americans that are still ignorant of what’s really going on….no matter how much evidence you show them.

    Fortunately, some of them have reluctantly moved away from Obama. My next door neighbor was sitting on the fence in ’08 but now he’s very angry at Obama. He told us this week that his brother voted for Obama in ’08 but will NOT absolutely vote for Obama next year.

    As for JSC folks, the momentum and drive are just about gone. The voluntary attrition prior to the shuttle layoffs have begun with people being moved to backfill those that have or are leaving. Also, we’re seeing more “For Sale” signs up.

    In July: USA Houston is going to layoff 800. Boeing Houston 400. USA will lay off a total of 2500 at multiple sites. My company about 220. There will be more in April. Depending on what Congress will do for NASA next year, there could eventually be ZERO budget for JSC. As Wayne Haynes said in his last post at his forum, he predicts that JSC will be converted into a US National Park within five years.

    I really don’t think that JSC could recover from this in short time even with a Republican President in 2013.

    JSC may be done.

    AJ, you must really believe your post to be true.

  12. Dan Kurt says:

    re: ” Medicare and Medicaid are funded by the FICA payroll deductions – which have income caps on them. The rich NEVER pay the same percentage into these entitlements as the poor. The poor and middle class have 100% of their income taxed for these programs, but the rich have only a small fraction applied (the first $107K in SALARY!). For millionaires they see 10% or less of their income hit for these programs.”

    Medicare and Social Security are funded by FICA payroll deductions. Apparently current FICA taxes do not cover all the expenses so some cost is covered by government “prestidigitation.” Medicaid is funded from General Revenues which come from mainly Taxes and what is not covered is funded chiefly by borrowing and the rest by “money creation” machinations between the Treasury and Fed. Medicare taxes have NO upper limit unlike Social Security taxes which are capped. Note: removing the cap on Social Security is self defeating apparently given the pay out formula which explains in part why the cap remains.

    This is not a criticism as I agree with the essay as a whole.

    Dan Kurt

  13. MerlinOS2 says:


    It is a free forum offered by proboards and is just a training wheels site that I don’t have ‘behind the scenes’ control of.

    If RSS were to be made available that would have to be enabled by the host that provides the site.

  14. MerlinOS2 says:

    We are already seeing massive layoffs here in Florida due to the wind down of the Shuttle programs.

    With so few launches left anyone who is in the long lead time parts of the programs are already being given their pink slips.

    As you can imagine the housing market impact in the Space Coast area is almost the same as it was after the Challenger Disaster.

  15. MerlinOS2 says:

    I may have to modify a bit the thing about the czars. It might not have been part of the deal worked out with the White House after all but one of the riders attached to the bill as it worked it’s way through Congress.

  16. jan says:

    Apparently Obama backtracked on the Czar issue by doing some kind of ‘signing statement’ saying he was not going to follow this part of the budget deal. You can read about this issue below:

    Scalise says obama violates Constitution over Czars

  17. crosspatch says:

    The really, really, rich don’t actually have much “income”. Most of their wealth is in unrealized capital gains.

    Lets say I invest $1 million in something. Say shares of Apple when it was young. Say that investment is now worth $100 million. The only “income” I have is on whatever dividend the stock might pay. If it pays no dividend, I have no income.

    Now lets say I need to buy a car. I sell enough stock to get the car. I still don’t have any income. That is capital gains which is taxed at a lower rate. And maybe I can offset some or all of that capital gain with a capital loss I took on some other investment that didn’t work out.

    The vast majority of people with “incomes” higher than $250,000 are small business owners who might be sole proprietors or professionals. Say a doctor or an architect, engineer, or even a mechanic. If they are a sole proprietor, everything that comes through their cash register is their personal “income”.

    So these millionaires can stand up there and say their income tax rates should be raised knowing full well that most of their money is never going to be taxed as “income” anyway.

    I am tired of this liberal class warfare and playing of Robin Hood with the people’s money.

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