Apr 08 2011

Shutdown Stupidity – Military Pay or NPR?

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Update: Harry Reid (no doubt with the full support and backing of the WH) has come out and claimed there is no greater priority to the nation than Planned Parenthood. Military pay, secondary. That laundry list of damage President Obama listed last night – secondary. Everything the government does and all the people who work for it or rely on it – secondary. We can all go to hell if it involves a few nickles to Planned Parenthood.

Shut it down then – and let the Dems reap their rewards – end update

Democrats want another shot at temper tantrum politics it seems. I watched CNN last night as Begala and Gergen attempted to ask a Tea Party rep if the GOP was willing to shut down the government over NPR and Planned Parenthood – on the stupid logic the money was insignificant!

Of course when the Tea Party representative turned the question around, the two liberals could not answer for their side. We all know NPR can survive without taxpayer funding, therefore the Democrats better not be causing all this pain over that!

We also know Planned Parenthood should be operating independently as many organizations do. So yes, cut them off too. If the money is so small, then by all means don’t shut the government down over it – DEMS!

And what about the EPA and CO2? Pulleaaase. The country is not buying that fantasy. Especially after 14 years without any warming and recent cooling. The reason the EPA is doing an end-around the legislature is there is no grass roots or congressional support for that nonsense. Even when the Dems held enormous majorities that dog couldn’t hunt.

So the Democrats are going to say we shut down the government (Dem senate won’t budge, Dem Emperor threatens Imperial veto) over these things?

I understand the myopic nature of ideologues, but one wonders what it takes for the light of logic to penetrate thick skulls?

Here is how a centrist, libertarian/Tea Party type will be balancing the options.

Is paying our men and women fighting for this nation less or more important than NPR? Dump NPR funding, they don’t need it anyway.

Is paying our men and women fighting for this nation less or more important than Planned Parenthood? Dump Planned Parenthood funding, they should survive without it.

Is paying our men and women fighting for this nation less or more important than the unproven theory of AGW? Since AGW is unproven, pay the military and put the brakes on the EPA.

When the Obama administration went on full moron, they set up these false choices and made them real choices. They threatened to stop paying the military if they did not get their way.

Oh well – they are not going to get their way.

Mr President – we would dump you and all of Congress if that was the choice verses paying our military!!! Buy yourself a clue (and a few gross tons of humility). Command authority does not equate to the level of American voter loyalty. If it is you or the troops, we always pick the troops. Even George W and Reagan knew that one.

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  1. DJStrata says:

    I found a comment on a related article elsewhere that asked how Obama could sign an executive order disallowing tax-funded abortion so he could pass his health care law, but now allow the govt to shut down over his and the Democrats stubborn stand that there should be tax payer funded abortion. Really? You think that in this day and age we can’t do a google search and find out what your stance was previously?

  2. oneal lane says:

    WSJ polling this week, if it is to be believed, looks bad for GOP, Tea Party.

    No doubt some other polls are a bit different in result, but for some reason Obama and Democrats are still popular, and Tea Party and GOP are not.

    The Democrats, always the best in the politics and public image game, are beating the GOP and dividing their forces. This budget battle is a big loser for Republicans. The GOP cannot get their message out.

  3. DJStrata says:

    They cannot get the message out the people who are willing to take those slanted polls.

    The people are fed up with congress as a whole. At least the Republicans are actually doing something. It will all come out. Its not like the election is in 8 months.

    It didn’t look like the previous congress was going to lose so many people at this point either.

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  5. ivehadit says:

    Re: Polls, results depend on how you ASK THE QUESTION.

    And we all know that polls are USED to PUSH an issue by the way they are asked.

    We need Donald Trump to speak today and tell the public what is going on!!! He needs to be on the airwaves telling it like it is: Democrats WANT to bankrupt this country apparently to keep their moneybase flowing.

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