Apr 05 2011

Canary Tuesday Result

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1:17 AM Eastern: Calling it a night, need to work tomorrow. Looks like Kloppenburg has hope in Dane (1), Eau Claire (6), Milwaukee (12) and a smattering of others. Prosser has hope in Marathon (32), Jefferson (1), Manitowoc (1) and not much else. Prosser’s lead down to 1.7k. Could go either way, but I doubt we will know for hours – and then the recount and court filings and ….. Good night!

1:02 AM Eastern: Can’t type fast enough to keep up. Some Dane precincts shrunk Prosser’s lead to 2.4k. 21 precincts left for Kloppenburg, about 32 for Prosser. The wire is approaching.

1:00 AM Eastern: Fasten those seat belts folks. Prosser just jumped out to a 4.7k vote lead, still 97% reporting and 50-50% race. Ozaukee and Racine came in and bumped Prosser good, Marathon still has about 32 precincts left to report.

12:56 AM Eastern: Seesaw! Something came in (looks like a Milwaikee district) and bumped Kloppenburg up by 1.6k votes, but there are still enough precincts out to move this either way. still 97% reporting – Update: Learned Racine is still in the race and will soon add 3k more to Prosser.

12:47 AM Eastern: Its up to Marathon and Ozaukee to hold the lead as the final precincts dribble in. 97% reporting and Prosser is clinging to 1.9k vote lead (50-50%).

12:40 AM Eastern: OK, I am reversing myself here – looks like a Prosser squeaker. Dane county is tapped out, yet Prosser now holds a 2k vote lead with 95% reporting. That has it 50-50 race, but I don’t see where Kloppenburg can make up the difference. Prosser still has a junk coming from Waukesha and Marathon – Washington apparently pushed him up and over and is now spent.

12:30 AM Eastern: Prosser takes a small lead (0.6k votes) with a bump from Waukesha. Dane still has some juice left in it though so it is not done yet. But Marathon has some votes for Prosser as well – speaking of ironies. Watch Washington (Prosser) as well.

12:25 AM Eastern: For political junkies it does not get any better than this. It is right down to the wire in WI. 92% of precincts reporting has a tiny 1.5k vote lead and it is 50-50. Some think more Prosser precincts are still out, but I won’t be convinced until the large Dane-liberal precincts tap out. Its a fight between Marathon and Waukesha (Prosser) vs Dane right now.

12:15 AM Eastern: Wowza! 90% reporting and it is 50-50% with Kloppenburg ahead by a tiny 1.7k votes. I have never seen a lead shrink so fast so late. But now it looks like Prosser’s strongholds are tapping out (Fond du Lac produced a surge as expected). Must be busting the models tonight. Recount looks unavoidable (though I don’t know WI rules on this).

12:10 AM Eastern: HOLD THE PRESSES! 88% reporting, back to 50-50% and Kloppenburg’s 35k lead is now down to 5k. Hot Air has a link expecting a Prosser squeaker now. Someone go refill the beer and popcorn!

12:02 AM Eastern: Last update. Looks like a Kloppenburg squeaker win. Prosser did incredibly well, and the unions do not come away with a voter mandate. 84% reporting Kloppenburg has a comfortable 35k lead, but only a 51-49% possible win margin. No mandate, no referendum on Walker. Classic Pyrrhic victory as government unions lose ground across the country and barely win a marginal election in WI. LOL! can’t wait to read the silly hype tomorrow.

11:55 PM Eastern: Seesaw killjoy. 81% reporting Kloppenburg jumps to 51-49% lead and 18k. If this is not her last gasp, and the unreported GOP precincts don’t produce, it could be squeaker loss for Prosser. – Update: the Prosser precincts are reporting in finally, not good. Still enough Kloppenburg areas left to win this. As I said this morning – a tight leftwing win simply means their last bastion of union core support barely survived. The laws will still go into effect.

11:50 PM Eastern: 78% reporting, 50-50% and Kloppenburg holds a narrow 8k lead. But huge GOP bastions in Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee have a lot of results left to report – could tally many tens of thousands to Prosser. Kloppenburg’s areas are just about tapped out.

11:40 PM Eastern: 71% reporting in, still 50-50% and Kloppenburg has 6k lead. I am watching Waukasha, which only shows 25% of precincts in and a Prosser lead of 73-27%. If the margin in the other 75% of precinct is even close, Prosser could jump by up to 90k votes. There are also a lot of decent sized areas not reporting. Anyone’s guess right now.

11:25 PM Eastern: Fast and furious now. 66% reporting, 50-50% Kloppenbug has slim 1.4k lead.

11:23 PM Eastern: Seesaw is making me queasy – but in a good way this cycle. with 64% of the vote in Prosser is back into a 51-49% lead and a 18k vote lead. I still see a lot of potential Prosser gains out there. If Prosser pulls this off, the knees will be cut out from under the unions and left. The bastion of union policy will have turned a corner.

11:17 PM Eastern: Ouch! 61% reporting an Kloppenburg jumps to a 51-49% lead and 11k votes. But I see potentially 50K Prosser votes out there potentially. Nails gone.

11:10 PM Eastern: Incredible. I see a lot of potential precincts not reporting which should/could push Prosser way over the top. The liberal bastions are mostly in and the GOP bastions have a lot of votes to offset them. Right now 58% reporting in and Kloppenburg holds a thin 4k lead at 50-50. But the left’s potential may be spent.

11:00 PM Eastern: Wow, what a seesaw. 51% reporting in we are back to 50-50 as the liberal precincts finally cough up tallies. Prosser still holds a slim 1k lead. Nail biter!

10:55 PM Eastern: As we approach 50% of precincts reporting we would normally see the edge solidify for one or the other candidate. The problem is the massive and very liberal Dane precincts are not reporting (must be finding those needed missing votes0. As of now 46% reporting Prosser has a good 52-48% lead with a 29k lead. The fat lady is warming her pipes.

10:45 PM Eastern: Big jump for Prosser at a good time. He has moved to a 52-48% lead, but more importantly 38% of the precincts are reporting in and he has opened a 18k lead. What is worrisome is the liberal strong hold of Dane has 3/4’s of its precincts out. This is truly exciting.

10:30 PM Eastern: The seesaw tips back to 50-505, Prosser still holds a 2k lead. Lots of liberal precincts may still be out.

10:25 PM Eastern: 24% in and Prosser is holding a small lead 51-49% with around 7k votes. Once we get near 45-50% reporting this race should cement into place.

10:08 PM Eastern: 17% in and its back to 50-50%. A better site to see results by county is here. 1.4k votes separate the two candidates.

10:00 PM Eastern: Presser is slowly expanding a tenuous lead in votes. With 12% reporting he leads 51-49%, but has amassed a 5.4k vote tally lead. Looks like this will be a nail biter. No clue which precincts are reporting (D or R).

9:42 PM Eastern: With a miniscule 6% of the vote in it’s a dead heat with 50-50. The turn out was apparently off the charts, which in my opinion means the people will speak loud and clear. Fingers crossed they also speak sanely.

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12 Responses to “Canary Tuesday Result”

  1. kathie says:

    AJ “Gateway Pundit” has up to minute results.

  2. kathie says:

    LTS as of Tuesday, Apr 05, 2011 at 09:08 pm CDT
    Election Home
    Supreme Court REPORTING 17%
    David Prosser (inc)

    Joanne Kloppenburg


  3. ivehadit says:

    51% to 49% Prosser leading by 6700 votes.


  4. WWS says:

    “turnout was off the charts”

    If dems lose, they will still say that it was because their voters didn’t turn out.

    prosser’s lead is growing – be still my beating heart! only 38% of the vote in, and no idea whether liberal Madison has been counted yet.

  5. WWS says:

    Prosser’s 29K lead just fell to 2k in an instant. Dems are stuffing ballot boxes as fast as they can.

  6. WWS says:

    Justice has lost.

    So has the country.

    Even if we had won, this is clear lesson – a solid 50% of the voters are dedicated to the destruction of this country.

    Those odds are too high to beat no matter how any elections go.

    This country must collapse before anything emerges from the ashes.

  7. ivehadit says:

    Wonder how they will all feel when businesses LEAVE WISCONSIN…and they all LOSE THEIR JOBS….

  8. WWS says:

    okay, I haven’t given up hope completely.

    but it still really bothers me that 50% of the voters are now TWANLOC – Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Prosser has a 600 vote lead with 99 percent counted. Enough for a recount if either candidate requests for one. And the unions and dems will find extra ballots.

    Will this go to the WI state supreme court, forcing Prosser to recuse himself, leading to a 3-3 vote? What happens?

    Walker and Fitzgerald aren’t worried yet but they may end up doing a re-vote.

    The unions and the dems cannot be all that happy after pouring so much money into the campaign and be so close. They thought they would have a very clear victory with Klop. Clearly, the message to the unions and the dems is that the voters are not overwhelmingly on your side.

  10. WWS says:

    Meanwhile, in the real world, Gold is at all time highs while Oil approaches all time highs. And Bernanke at the Fed still claims that there is no inflation. (because housing is still collapsing)

    Saw a thought provoking remark at the WSJ this morning, from a short seller explaining the key to success in his profession.

    “People always underestimate how bad things can get.”

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  12. lurker9876 says:

    Looks like Klop is now ahead with just a few more precincts left. It is close to being over.

    Walker and Fitz will do a re-vote.