Mar 27 2011

Lefties Making Headlines Across The Globe

Everywhere you look today, a day of supposed rest and peaceful reflection, the liberals, progressives and other forms of immature and unprofessional failures have been making headlines with their inherent incompetence shining through.

First off, many of those living off the public dole are upset that the public does not have any dole left to hand out:

Over 200 people were arrested as extremists brought violent chaos to central London yesterday after hijacking the much-heralded trade union protest against public spending cuts.

As Powerline notes, the reasoning behind the destruction and violence is moronic, since the life you lead is the life you yourself worked so hard (IRONY ALERT) to achieve:

Their rationale was as dumb as you would expect:

Sally Mason, one of the protesters who occupied the store, said: ‘Fortnum & Mason is a symbol of wealth and greed. It is where the Royal Family and the super-rich do their weekly shop and a picnic hamper costs £25,000.

‘This sits in stark contrast to everyone else who is struggling to make ends meet, fill in their tax returns and benefit forms and facing huge student debts, unemployment and the closure or dismantling of local services such as the NHS, libraries and leisure centres.’

Filling in handout forms is such hard work. As Powerline notes, there are sad echoes of Wisconsin here. Or is Wisconsin just one canary in the pending coal mine disaster?

Failures always blame others for their failures. When you vote to support budget-busting spendthrifts who cannot even run lemonade stand, and then they blow all the collective money on foolish and wasteful policies, you only have yourself to blame for the results. Don’t go blaming all of us who avoided the Kool-Aid, kept our heads clear and built self-sustaining lives. Especially after decades of warnings that liberal policies would lead to just these results!

And then there is the liberal ignorance on international policy and terrorism. It seems the reason Emperor Obama never presented his mad Libyan war plans to Congress is because he was aware of some of its more damning features:

It has come to light in just the last few days that commanders of the “rebels” (you know, those secular freedom fighters who are supposedly better for us than Qaddafi) include one Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi. And, I’ll be darned, it turns out that Hasadi is a jihadist who fought the United States in Afghanistan, and was detained for years until our forces turned him over to Libya. That was during the Bush years, when, through democracy-project alchemy, Qaddafi was transformed into a valuable U.S. ally against terrorism. Our new friend Qaddafi promptly . . . released him in 2008, in a deal designed to appease his Islamist opposition — a common practice in the Middle East, where, because Islam dominates life, even dictators must alternately court and repress jihadists in order to hang on.

More here. Another reason why Catch and Release is a bad idea. Catch, Sentence and Lock Away for Life is a much better solution. Trust me on this point however, Obama was warned that the rebels were being led by Jihadists we had once detained in GITMO. He was well aware he was playing with deadly fire (but others would pay the price if he was wrong). This goes back to his naive and stupid belief Jihadists are good at heart, and not the latest evil to scour the world. He knew, and I hope Congressional hearings expose the fact he was fore warned.

Finally, we have a liberal UK news outlet waking up to the real source of famine in the world – liberal energy policies:

Thanks to dysfunctional regulation of genetic engineering and misguided biofuels policy, the world’s poorest are going hungry.

Food prices worldwide were up by a whopping 25% in 2010, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, and February marked the eighth consecutive month of rising global food prices. Within the past two months, food riots helped to trigger the ousting of ruling regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. (It is noteworthy that food prices increased 17% last year in Egypt, and the price of wheat, a critical staple there, soared by more than 50%.) For poor countries that are net importers of food, even small increases in food prices can be catastrophic, and recent bumps have been anything but small.

Imagine that. The chaos roiling the Middle East is due to spectacular failures of liberal policies. Not really surprising giving how well all their other policies pan out. A fact we will sadly remember for decades to come as we pay off their mountains of debt, which produced mountains of nothingness in return. If nothing else, we have finally learned that good intentions backed by lots of money can still produce disasters if the intentions are not themselves backed up with experience, skill and real leadership. A fool with cash is still a fool.

Anyway, there is more to the tale of how liberals starved a planet:

And fourth, against this backdrop of lessened supply and heightened demand, private investment in R&D on innovative practices and technologies has been discouraged by arbitrary and unscientific national and international regulatory barriers – against, in particular, new varieties of plants produced with modern genetic engineering (aka recombinant DNA technology or genetic modification, or GM). Genetic engineering offers plant breeders the tools to make crops do spectacular new things. In more than two dozen countries, farmers are using genetically engineered crop varieties to produce higher yields, with lower inputs and reduced impact on the environment.

It is amazing how the proponents of evolution fight the use of evolution to create better food sources. I saw the lamest commercial the other day, where it claimed it sold seeds for vegetable plants that were not genetically manipulated. Which of course is a bald faced lie. Every domesticated food source (plant and animal) has been genetically manipulated. The difference between when the American Indians genetically manipulated maze into corn, and the modern efforts to create disease resistant corn, is the time cycle to achieve the resultant genetic changes. All ‘domesticated’ organisms are here because of human manipulation of their genome. We used the evolutionary principle that traits will thrive if selected for in each generation.

I mean, how thick do you have to be to not realize this? Anyway, combine the irrational fear of evolution on crops with the insane coupling of food and energy sources through ethanol, and you have the famine and riots envisioned by the Global Warming Alarmists.

The United States is approaching the diversion of 40% of the corn harvest for fuel and the EU has a goal of 10% biofuel use by 2020.

Which brings me to a possible epiphane:

It now looks like Global Warming is just a clever but incompetently woven cover story for all these other liberal policies backfiring! The best way to blame the pending chaos of liberal policies on those who they oppose and hate is to concoct some lame story about how it is all the fault of industry! Too bad that idea fell to shoddy science and math.

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  1. Wilbur Post says:

    Gummint giveaways encourage takers and discourage makers. Eventually all the makers drop out and join the takers. What do the takers take when there’s no makers to make anything to take?

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