Feb 01 2011

This Is Obama’s Brain?

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There are days where I shudder to think how close America is to disaster, especially when I get too close a glimpse at who is steering the ship of state:

According to our tipster, Jarrett was seated at the head table along with several other big-name politicians and a handful of high-ranking military officials. As an officer sporting several stars walked past Jarrett, she signaled for his attention and said, “I’d like another glass of wine.”…

White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who was seated next to Jarret, began “cracking up nervously,” our tipster said, but no one pointed out to Jarrett that the man sporting a chestful of medals was not her waiter.

Oh good lord, tell me this ain’t true. Is “clueless” the most accurate label for neophytes in the White House?

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  2. dbostan says:

    Are you sure it was a mistake?
    You should remember that these guys HATE the military.
    You are far too forgiving with these anti-American thugs.

  3. WWS says:


    I doubt it was much of a mistake. Jerrod and the rest of this administration consider members of the military to be little more than waiters, automatons whose only job is to cater to their whims. She just let the attitude slip out in public.

  4. Unscripted Thoughts says:

    Probably true. Remember Shrillary used to have combat hardened Marines in full dress uniform serving canapés and white wine at her afternoon cocktail parties….you know, when they were all looking for the billing records?

  5. sjreidhead says:

    I think clueless is the most polite epitaph for them. Then again my mother think he’s like one of those windsoc creatures they put up in front of service stations, blowing in the wind, this way and that.

    The Pink Flamingo

  6. kathie says:

    Who is Barack Obama and who are the people he has surrounded himself with? I don’t think we know who we elected president. Barack Obama is beginning to scare me. I can handle not agreeing with his policies, that is what happens in a democratic republic. Over a period of time we equal things out. I think Barack Obama may be someone we have never experienced before in this country.

  7. kathie says:

    I hope Obama has time for this.

  8. WWS says:

    best/worst line of the morning, from a WSJ article about how Obama and his NSC were completely blindsided by the Egyptian situation:

    “Mubarak is not going to be the agent of change,” said Tom Malinowski, the Washington advocacy director of Human Rights Watch. On Monday, he and other Middle East experts joined in a meeting with National Security Council officials. At one point, a participant said, “Please tell me you have contingencies in case Mubarak’s regime collapses.”

    The NSC officials had to admit they didn’t.”

  9. dhunter says:

    The ineptitude and the encouraging of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the Middle East is gonna get a lot of folks killed.
    Mostly Muslim folks, I suspect, as these entities in future years attempt to carry out their mission to destroy Israel and America we will have no choice but to put them down once and for all ala Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

    The mess these Liberals are making today will be felt for decades to come.
    We are gonna need a President with a backbone of steel to follow this bunch of clowns and nice and squishy and poll focus grouped ain’t gonna cut it!
    We are gonna need a Margaret Thatcher or Sarah Palin!

  10. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    ” … Is “clueless” the most accurate label for neophytes in the White House? … ”


    “Clueless” may be the most BENIGN explanation; however, I’m not sure it’s the most accurate.

    God help the USA.

    It does not speak well for us that we ELECTED this dude and his “posse”.