Apr 04 2006

Fly BY 04/04/06

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Well, I need to be in all day meetings today so posting will be light to non-existant. Personally, the news is not all that interesting this week (so far).

To start, congratulations to the Florida Gators for their NCAA win. While I did not watch it I get the feeling from the reviews the best game of the final two rounds was the George Mason-Florida game! At least the Patriots kept it close.

Tom Delay is stepping down…OK. Mark me down as unimpressed either way. Yeah, he got a raw deal and Ronnie Earle should also be stripped of his position. And that would be a good thing to happen. But Delay leaving is as important as Bob Livingston leaving Congress. Bob who you ask? Exactly!

If you don’t think the antique media is on its deathbed, then you will with the news Katie Couric is going to be the first woman anchor to go solo on CBS. First off, it shows what a male dominated industry the news media is if this is truly the first woman to solo anchor. But worse, it shows how ratings have won out over intellect and attention to detail. Couric is not a very inquisitive or probing person. She has her world view which she likes to spin to people. News is not her forte. As CBS will soon find out.

There is some movement in the Senate to get past deporting all illegal immigrants. I find the five year time frame that distinguishes those who probably could be assimilated through a guest worker program too long in the compromise – it should be 2 years. The reason being is people here 2 years also have demonstrated they can be productive guest workers. I also want the fine (for not having the proper working papers for a guest worker) and the back taxes paid. That would be the trade for the 2 year limit. I also want a ‘one strike your out’ clause for serious crimes. I also want to see an insurance pool to keep these folks out of our emergency rooms and hiking my insurance rates. Summary: not impressed.
Sorry for the short posts today. I hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Snapple says:

    Casper Weinberger was buried today, and Rumsfeld gave some elegant comments, as usual:

  2. Sensible Mom says:

    Katie Couric, New Anchor?…

    Time will tell if CBS made the right choice with Couric. Her ratings will be high at the beginning because of the curiosity factor. But once the dust settles I would be surprised if CBS moves out of its third place ranking. She’s just too cutesy, u…

  3. clarice says:

    Here’s the second article in the series The Potemkin Prosecution. http://americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=5389

  4. Snapple says:

    Here is a story about a Sheriff in Arizona who may become Governor. He arrests illegals and put them in his jail which is tends from the Korean War.

    He has live webcam in his jail and makes them wear pink underwear.

    They get no TV except the weather channel. He is very popular

  5. Snapple says:


    I read your article, but it is complicated and I will need to read it a few times.

  6. clarice says:

    Take your time.