Jan 15 2011

Liberal Madness & Political Madness

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Sorry for the light posting. My new work is kicking my butt, but more importantly the political madness emanating from the left over the AZ shooting has me completely turned off from politics right now. The heated and angry rhetoric from the left condemning heated and angry rhetoric is embarrassing and gross. The target being put on Sarah Palin because she has a populist, family-centric following is just a sign of the insecurity and cheapness coming from the left.

It is an abysmal display I prefer to let pass – and never forgive. The rabid left has been wallowing around the sewer so long they cannot even grasp how much they project their own selves onto their political enemies. Few outside the left are unaware this time around.

Palin is guilty of representing the religious, Main Street, American family matriarch who has made something of herself and refused an abortion. This covers a wide swath of America who are not mesmerized by the nihilistic and fame-seeking liberal enclave of America. For these sins you have the mentally unstable Andrew Sullivan obsess about the birth of the Palin’s youngest son and the romance aspects of their eldest daughter. Sick.

So sick I refuse to participate any more. So sick even the liberal leaders occasionally get an inkling of what the far left has done to its credibility and reputation:

Within hours of the shooting, there was a full-fledged witch hunt to link the shooter to the right.

The only problem is that there was no evidence then, and even now, that overheated rhetoric from the right had anything to do with the shooting. (In fact, a couple of people who said they knew him have described him as either apolitical or “quite liberal.”) The picture emerging is of a sad and lonely soul slowly, and publicly, slipping into insanity.

Furthermore, most agreed that focusing on conservative rhetoric as a link in the shooting was “not a legitimate point but mostly an attempt to use the tragedy to make conservatives look bad.” And nearly an equal number of people said that Republicans, the Tea Party and Democrats had all “gone too far in using inflammatory language” to criticize their opponents.

Great. So the left overreacts and overreaches and it only accomplishes two things: fostering sympathy for its opponents and nurturing a false equivalence within the body politic. Well done, Democrats.

As most liberals with an unwavering selective memory, the writer forgets all the images of death aimed at President Bush and his allies. It just emphasizes how ludicrous the left has become.

Jared Loughner was a 9-11 Truther who definitely leaned left. Gabrielle Giffords had been a moderate Democrat – a centrist. Just like most of Americans fed up with the fringe zealots, she was targeted and attacked by the far left for being too far center, to close to normal Americans. What both sides miss about this tragic incident is how fed up the center is with being the target of the purity wars raging on each side of the aisle. The left will pay the heaviest price for these false and hateful claims this time, but the far right is not going to be given a pass for their past zealotry.

The far right will not be vindicated in this – they will be seen as the victims. They will be given the political capitol and some leash as a result. They have the opportunity to demonstrate how they plan to move the country forward and build alliances.

As with the last few elections cycles they better learn the lesson of heated ideology. Utter a single attack on the center such as “RINO” and that will be the end of any serious support for your causes or arguments. Any more personal attacks for not toeing the line will be met with full up resistance from the center, which still elect the leaders of this country. And we do so quietly, maturely, solemnly and with tolerance and respect. For once the fringes need to learn from the moderates – or face the consequences.

All I can think about is young Christina Green, and how her life and death have been totally ignored because of the left wing’s ranting drama play. It is incredibly selfish to blight out this tragic and wonderful life by insecure liberals with an addiction to the public spotlight. These political vultures could not even give the country some time to learn and honor this young American.

That is why I will never forgive them. This was not the time for gross political propaganda. It was a time to pay our respects.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Another great post, AJ.

    I stopped forgiving them when the Clinton’s were in office. When 8th graders began talking about oral sex and having colored “lipstick” parties (use your imagination-it’s disgusting to think 13 year olds were having their innocence destroyed this way), I was repulsed by clinton’s actions while in our House but more importantly by those who tried to cover it up and clinton himself who, instead of admitting his guilt immediately, dragged us through his psycho drama resulting in oral sex being the topic of the day…and lying under oath, and Hillary’s “vast right wing conspiracy” knowing all along, imho, her husband’s history, not to mention the disrespect for women. Things only got worse from that day and time, as far as I am concerned. George W. Bush tried to restore some dignity and honor to the office and succeeded despite the movies about his assasination et al. Even he was repulsed by the crass power democrats seem to crave 24/7. Democrats became a “symphony in brass”, a celebration of our lowest selves…not our highest and best selves, for certain, imho.

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  4. WWS says:

    this isn’t even “politics” anymore – this is insanity and hatred pouring out, unfiltered and unrestrained. And outlets such as the New York Times are the worst – just check Paul Krugmans despicable column, for which the NYT owes the country an apology but which it won’t issue.

    This incident has some similarities to an infamous case that happened a year ago here in East Texas, although that one resulted in a single tragic murder. But the facts of that case were: a 16 year old, schizophrenic, dangerous, lots of bad history, got passed from state agency to state agency to case worker and finally got sent to a special ed program, where one day he pulls out a butcher knife (because the voices told him to) and plunged it into the heart of a well known and very well liked male teacher in the middle of class. I didn’t know the teacher personally, but I know people who did. There was nothing that “provoked” the attack, all witnesses agree it came completely out of the blue with no warning at all – he struck when the voices that only he could hear told him to.

    And there’s an aggravating element that makes it even more tragic – the killer’s own mother had begged for him to be committed since she was terrified that he was going to hurt someone. The state mental health professionals turned her down because – well, I’m still not sure why. But a fine, caring man is dead because they blew off the warnings that they were given.

    I think more and more we’ll find that there were missed chances to stop Loughner, too