Mar 30 2006

Will The Next 9-11 Be By Truck

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My fellow Wacther’s Council member Dymphna at Gates of Vienna has news about a truck driving school in Kansas City seeing a wave of Somalis all of a sudden taking driving lessons:

In a way, trucks are of more concern than planes. They are ubiquitous, a commonplace in our everyday landscape. They pass us all the time on the highway and we don’t even notice. An 18 wheeler loaded surreptitiously with something explosively unstable could be a nightmare beyond the wildest imaginings of whatever concerns Dubai Ports raised.
And in case anyone has forgotten Somalia, it is the place America was defeated by timid actions initiated by the Clinton administration.  A defeat memorialized in the film Black Hawk Down, and the event that led Osama Bin Laden to believe he could chase a feckled and weak America into hiding behind her borders. Especially since we know believe Bin Laden was behind those attacks as well.

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  1. pagar says:

    I know there are concerns about almost everything and I don’t mean to go off topic, but the story in the following URL looks like another good way to destroy America. There are some comments floating around the blogsphere, but I’d like to hear yours.

  2. Snapple says:

    The American government also captured some IEDs at the Mexican border. Some were already assembled and some were components.

    I put it on my site.

  3. Snapple says:

    Any attack with truck bombs would have to be in multiple locations so that it would be spectacular.

    I think the FBI and the military is watching the right people because nothing has happened in the US for a long time.

    I just hope that all the talk about NSA activities doesn’t make it more difficult to spy on them.

    According to Curt Weldon, Osama died in Iran. A lot of Al Qaeda have been captured or killed.

    Right now they are on the defensive because we are in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and challenging them on their own turf.

    If they attack the US, it might rally Americans behind the government. Maybe they don’t want that.