Mar 28 2006

New Plame/Libby Time Line

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Reader MJW posted a detailed timeline at Tom Maguire’s site on key events regarding Libby and Plame that deserves much more exposure (here is the most interesting part of the timeline to me):

  • 01/28/03 State of the Union speech
  • 05/06/03 Kristof column
  • 05/29/03 Libby allegedly asks Grossman for information about Wilson’s trip
  • 06/01/03 to 07/08/03 Harlow allegedly mentions Wilson’s wife to Assistiant to VP for Public Affairs, Cathie Martin, who tells Libby
  • 06/09/03 CIA faxes documents on Wilson’s trip (without using his name) to Libby. Name handwritten by someone in VP’s office
  • 06/11/03 Senior CIA official (Robert Grenier, or possibly John McLaughlin) allegedly tells Libby that Wilson’s wife works for CIA and is said to have been responsible for trip.
  • 06/11/03 or 06/12/03 Libby talks to Grossman, who allegedly mentions wife’s role in Wilson’s trip
  • 06/12/03 Pincus column
  • 06/13/03 Kristof 2nd column
  • 06/mid/03 Administration official mentions Wilson’s wife to Woodward
  • 06/14/03 CIA briefer (Craig Schmall) alleged to have discussed Wilson’s trip and Valerie Wilson with Libby.
  • 06/19/03 “The First Casualty: The Selling of the Iraq War” published in The New Rebublic, quotes Wilson anonymously
  • 06/23/03 (Friday) Libby talks to Woodward
  • 06/23/03 Libby talks to Miller (Bureau)
  • 06/27/03 Libby talks to Woodward again
  • 07/06/03 (Sunday) Wilson editorial
  • 07/07/03 to 07/12/03 Presidential Africa trip. Powell allegedly has State Dept. report on Wilson’s trip, and wife’s role
  • 07/07/03 Fleischer allegedly Libby mentions Plame during lunch
  • 07/08/03 Libby talks to Miller
  • 07/08/03 Libby allegedly asks Counsel to VP about paperwork involved if CIA employee sent spouse on trip
  • 07/08/03 Wilson’s friend talks to Novak
  • 07/10/03 (Thursday) Libby talks to Russert
  • 07/10/03 Harlow talks to Novak
  • 07/10/03 or 07/11/03 Rove mentions conversation with Novak to Libby
  • 07/11/03 (Friday) Rove talks to Cooper
  • 07/11/03 Novak column said to be on the wire service
  • 07/11/03 Tenet releases CIA statement on “16 words” and Wilson
  • 07/12/03 (Saturday) Libby talks to Miller
  • 07/12/03 Libby talks to Cooper
  • 07/14/03 (Monday) Novak column published
  • 07/16/03 (Wednesday) Corn column published

Great job MJW!

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  1. patch says:

    ” 07/11/03 Novak column said to be on the wire service”

    …and it was kept top secret?