Mar 28 2006

More China Gate?

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Clarice sent me a heads up on this posting by Fedora at Free Republic regarding the Clinton administration and China – a must read.

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  1. clarice says:

    more here-.

    Please send these to all Able Danger watchers and Curt Weldon fans.

  2. Snapple says:

    I have some skepticism about this Fedora because in one post he cited the Covert Action Information Bulletin. The CAIB was started by the CIA defector Philip Agee and was a Soviet/Cuban mouthpiece. The purpose of the CAIB was to discredit the FBI and CIA. They presented the CIA and FBI as terrorists and against democracy. This was a real communist disinformation operation.

    Fedora’s post was called “Wilsongate: Motive Means and Opportunity.” [11-21-05]

    Maybe I am not understanding the context of the quote, but I would be very suspicious of anything from the CAIB, considering the source–Agee, the KGB, and Castro.

    In his article Fedora cited an article from the CAIB by David MacMichael called “The Mysterious Death of Daniel Casolaro”
    [Covert Action Information Bulletin 39, Winter 1991, 53-57].

    Some people say that this Daniel Casolaro killed himself and some say he was murdered because he was investigating people in the government who had supposedly stolen a software program called Promis from the developer called Inslaw.

    This Promis got to the Soviets, Iraq and Bin Laden. According to some sources, the FBI traitor Robert Hanssen did this.

    The program was used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to keep track of people. After the Russians supposedly got it, and others, they could use it to spy on our police and intelligence.

    I don’t know what is true, that’s the story.

    The Canadians were supposedly looking into this, too.

    According to some stories, the Promis software was changed by experts at the Cabazon Indian reservation in California.

    Not to needle you AJ, but notice the Indians?

    But like I said, I don’t know what is true. The Promis was a kind of data mining like Able Danger.

    I put some information about this on my site

    I am banned from Free Republic for some observations I made about Ward Churchill, who also wrote in the CAIB that the FBI backed death squads that murdered 342 Indians on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This was such an outrageous lie that he later claimed the FBI backed death squads that assaulted 342 Indians and killed around 60.

    The purpose of the publication was to smear the FBI and CIA.

    How is Fedora using the CAIB-sourced “information”?

  3. Snapple says:

    I have some reservations about Fedora because he used the Soviet/Cuban mouthpiece called the Covert Action information bulletin in an article he posted on 11-21-05 about Wilsongate.

    I just posted it here and my details about it, but it didn’t seem to post.

  4. Snapple says:

    Well, now it did post.

    I would appreciate other people’s thoughts on this. It is very complicated.

    What I have is just tentative. I don’t mind another view.