Nov 26 2010

Site Performance Challenges

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We are going to be experiencing problems because we got a top of the page link from Watts Up With That. Will be turning off comments for a while to see if we can weather the storm! Thanks Anthony and Joe!

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  2. WWS says:

    nice link from Anthony!

    (test post to see if comments are back up)

  3. WWS says:

    fyi, comments appear to be open on all the posts *except* the homeland security domain name post, where comments are still closed.

  4. WWS says:

    fascinating story that *isn’t* being covered in the MSM – a wave of party switching from Dem to Rep among southern officeholders, as the deep south switches away from the Dems for good.

    10 statehouse switches just this month, with more to come. The most significant one switched the Louisiana state house from dem to rep control.

    curious to see if any congressmen jump ship – any of the blue dogs are a strong possibility.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Re: DHS confiscating domains

    This is an exercise in futility. What will happen is:

    Domains engaged in such activities will simply register their domains with offshore registrars where the DHS has no reach.

    DHS will then require ISPs to block DNS requests for those domains. The users will then begin to use offshore DNS servers or worst case, hard code the name/address pairs in local host lookup files.

    DHS will then require that ISPs block DNS requests from users to external DNS servers. Users will then begin to tunnel traffic to offshore locations and at that point there is nothing DHS or the ISPs can do.

    At that point DHS has created a security problem for the US because users are no longer using domestic name servers and are tunneling their traffic offshore through tunnels with good encryption. They have just made the problem of “lawful intercept” orders of magnitude more difficult and it will be just that much more difficult to spot nefarious activities of all sorts.

    I can think of a thousand better ways of handling the problem than this.