Nov 22 2010

When A President Believes In Silly Fantasy …

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Could President Obama become one of this nation’s worst one-term presidents of all time? The historic drubbing his party took this month sure could leave some to that conclusion. His naive stimulus efforts, chasing those mythical federal ‘shovel ready’ jobs, have proven once and for all the impotence of Keynesian theory. The fact more people are being waved out of Obamacare than being covered is another sign of how this president has been a rolling disaster – all hat and no cattle.

The results he has produced in the Middle East are just one more enormous sign pointing in the same bleak direction:

Instead of becoming a heady triumph of his diplomatic skill and special insight, Obama’s peace process is viewed almost universally in Israel as a mistake-riddled fantasy.

Liberalism is a fantasy. An intellectually lazy fantasy about saving the planet every other day because it is all so obvious even a liberal can do it! Fixing the economy, winning the wars on terrorism, fixing the Middle East, providing cheap and available health care for all! All so simple, to the simple minds on the left.

All products of a liberal education system. Anyone else detecting a pattern here?

Update: Even more harsh reality:

Many senior Israeli leaders have concluded that Hillary Clinton and John McCain were right about Obama’s naivete and inexperience.

“The naïve liberals who are at the heart of the administration really believe in all the misconceptions the Palestinians and all their friends all over the world are trying to place,” said Yossi Kuperwasser, a former high-ranking military intelligence officer who is now deputy director general of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

One has to note The Politico is not a right wing news outlet by any stretch of the imagination.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    It seems clearer everyday, we should have listen to the sage advice of Washington and Jefferson..

  2. stevevvs says:

    From our Founders:

    Washington’s Farewell Adress:


    My Favorite from Jefferson:

    Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.

    Well, that’s certainly different than today.

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  4. Wilbur Post says:

    An administration so bad, even liberal Democrats know it.

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  6. WWS says:

    I’m reminded of something I first wrote about back in the Summer of ’08, when GWB was still struggling to come up with some kind of solution to this.

    My thesis is simple – there will be *No* peace agreement of any kind between the Israelis and the Palestinians until we Americans (any American, either party) throw up our collective hands, walk away and tell them “fine, you want an agreement, make one yourselves, we’re done with it forever.”

    And here’s why – we have set up a system of perverse incentives. As long as negotiations are going on, we give huge rewards to both sides to continue negotiating – money and aid to the Palestinians, a whole wing of F-35’s just promised to Israel – and because we are invested in the prestige of success and are terrified of using any punitive measures against either side, we are locked into giving goodies to both sides as long as negotiations continue.

    Is it really a surprise that *BOTH* sides have quietly decided that is in their best interests for negotiations to go on FOREVER? If this is “resolved”, the big sugar daddy can walk away – but as long as it goes on we can be milked, and milked, and milked! THIS is why Clinton failed at it, and why GWB failed at it, and why Obama is now failing at it.

    IT IS A GAME WE CANNOT POSSIBLY WIN. This is just like that iconic closing scene from “War Games” – the only way to win is to refuse to play! The only way there will *ever* be a peace agreement between these sides will be if America turns its back on the entire process, walks away, and tells them “whatever, we’re done.” As soon as they lose their incentives to keep this standoff going, they will most likely quickly decide to come to some kind of agreement. But it will ONLY happen if they do it themselves!

    3 Presidents in a row now have been fascinated with the idea of the prestige that would come from “solving” this problem. It Can Not Be Done By America. We HAVE to walk away.

  7. Fai Mao says:

    WWS is correct with the additional point that there will never be peace there until (1) one side or the other is exterminated (2) they learn to forgive each other.

    If senario #1 is the only way to solve the issue then the US should stand back, allow each side 6 months to amr them selfs and say “We’ll support whoever wins”

    Senario #2 is beyond the control any nation or people except the Israeli’s and Palestinians