Mar 23 2006

ABC News Exec Mortified About Who He Is!

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Drudge has a great flash up right now which just has me laughing:

A top producer at ABC NEWS declared “Bush makes me sick” in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

A friend of Green’s at ABC says Green is mortified by the email. “John feels so badly about this email. He is a straight shooter and great producer who is always fair. That said, he deeply regrets the sentiment expressed in the email

He is mortified and embarrassed for who he truly is?  The guy seems to have a bad case of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) and expects us to believe he feels bad about it?  He simply feels bad he may lose his job. But there is no way the spin from the friend overrules the spontaneous outburst of his true thinking.  The media is a bunch of leftwing biased hypocrits.  Everyone else seems to have figured it out by now.  They are the only one’s left in denial.  Too funny.

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One Response to “ABC News Exec Mortified About Who He Is!”

  1. Kaz-Man says:

    We’ve reached the point where stories like these are ho-hum. The tide is starting to turn though, I think. Rumsfeld’s presser today was a classic. MSM will get even more shrill, and silly.
    Long live a free and open internet!!!