Nov 11 2010

Nanny State Goes Into Mindless Overdrive

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We have to cut back government. There are tens of thousands of bureaucrats with way to much time on their hands and demigod-complexes. All they do is sit around trying to figure out the next great way to control everyone else’s lives. Worse yet, too many times the message these people concoct to rationalize their efforts is a slickly crafted package full of half truths and lies, more theology than science (man made global warming is just the latest incarnation of this).

For example, can you believe we are wasting millions of dollars for a bunch of ideologues to figure out the grossest pictures to put on cigarette packages? (Fair Warning – graphic images and major half truths). I especially object to this one:

Second hand smoke in the open air has NEVER been proven to cause fatal lung disease. In fact, it is far more likely lung damage comes more from public transportation (buses), new rugs in homes, new paint or stain on homes and furniture, gasoline and diesel fuel vapors at the pumps, cleaners used in homes without proper ventilation, constant over use of perfumes and disinfectants, etc. There are so many gases and particles produced all around us on a daily basis that there is no way to point to one and say ‘that caused the lung disease and the others did not’.

And there is a genetic component as well – a weakness in some lungs with handling particles and gases. Not to mention the potential that childhood shots might have caused asthma and other weaknesses.

Bottom line – we don’t know what is the root cause, or combination of root causes. All we know is people who smoke are slightly more likely to get lung cancer, but some smokers never do. When you realize some long term smokers NEVER get lung cancer, then you KNOW smoking is not a direct cause. Unlike applying acid, which always burns skin and cells, smoke does not always produce fatal damage.

This is false propaganda. And the rationalization used to accept these lies is some altruistic fantasy about saving people from themselves. It is pathetic, and a waste of our hard earned tax money.

We need to cut the government back down to a MINIMAL size. We need to learn to live without it – again.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Looks like Murkowski is going to be re-elected.

    God help us.

  2. tarpon says:

    Second hand smoke, a bigger lie than DDT and the Ozone hole combined.