Mar 23 2006

Nationalistic Madness

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The Senate Bill that would make undocumented workers felons is political suicide and another xenophobic move by people who represent the worst, irrational fears in this country. It started with the DPW deal where the word ‘Arab’ over road all facts and history, and then was seen in the legislation that would assess ‘foreign’ ownership of all aspects of our economy. While I agree with Hillary and Reid this legislation needs to be stopped before we use it to oust families from their jobs, homes and schools and dumpt them over the border, the Democrats are being two-faced opportunists after how they acted on the DPW disaster. At least Buchananites come by their dislike of all things foreign honestly.

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  1. HaroldHutchison says:

    I have to agree. But I have to question the notion that the opponents of the President’s plan on the right are honest.

    There is punishment in his plan – and thus it is not an amnesty (which just granting them citizenship would be). It is simply not the penalty that immigration hawks like Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, and others seek.

    If they are misleading people about the President’s plan being an amnesty, are they really that honest?