Mar 23 2006

We Cannot Support Religous Persecution

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*** Update: Stop The ACLU has a post saying Condi Rice has called Afghanistan on behalf the the man being prosecuted – good news ***
The story of the man in Afgahnistan who is on trial for his life simply because he converted to Christianity is a test for the future of US and European support to that nation.

The case of an Afghan man who could face the death penalty in his country for converting to Christianity from Islam has prompted a swift international outcry. President Bush said yesterday that he was “deeply troubled,” and leaders of three other nations with troops in Afghanistan also voiced objections.

While we cannot dictate how another country establishes its laws and covenants – we do have minimal standards. Afghanistan better underatand we are not required to fund their defense or recontruction. We want to, but we are not required to. This kind of religious persecution is the same as that practiced by Al Qaeda and The Taliban.

I understand we need to let this play out, and I am confident Bush and his administration is being exceedingly clear on this – nd no, they do not need to make a big public spectacle of their position and therefore make it harder for Afghanistan to find a face saving retreat. But while the administration cautiously raises their concerns, we the people can be much more blunt.

If this man is convicted of a crime for becoming a Christian we should reduce all our support to bare minimum levels. If he is sentenced to death we should pull all support from Afghanistan. There is no way we can put taxpayer money into what is a variation of the NAZI run holocaust. None.

Update: More discussion on this topic from Doug at Below The Beltway (here and here).

Update: A good review with links at RCP, and one possible face-saving exit out of this mess.

Update: Ed Morrissey notes the new Canadian government is taking the right stand on this issue.

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  1. HaroldHutchison says:

    The only problem I can see with this position is that the alternative strikes me as being far, far, worse. It looks as if Afghanistan is looking for a way out. The real worry I have is that we could see a feeding frenzy develop as we have seen with the Miers nomination and the DPW deal.