Mar 22 2006

Fly By 03/22/06

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Sorry for the non existent posting the last few days. Lots of meetings and driving and some really spotty internet access at the hotel. Just enough time this morning for a quick flyby, though I am still reviewing the Libby documents from the latest filing.

First off, I have to say President Bush did an excellent job laying out the obvious facts regarding Iraq yesterday in his news conference. He pointed out to Helen Thomas, liberal robot, that 9-11 was the deciding factor in going to war. Not the little fantasies about oil that run around liberals too desperate to save the world to face reality. He also reminded Murtha no one would be leaving troops in harms way if progress so towards success was not being achieved. The Democrats are going to continue to get pounded on this subject as they call for defeat over and over and over and over and over and..

Well, they should have realized the lack of credibility on all things national defense is a well earned feature of their party.

I also enjoyed the way Bush put the national and Senate Democrats and Feingold at odds, which means Democrat leaders at odds with their base. Senator Feingold has the pulse and the leading priority of the liberal base. It is a whacky and sure-fire-loser of a strategy, but liberal Democrats want payback impeachment this year!

The New Mexico Democratic Party is calling for President Bush’s removal from office.

Party Chairman John Wertheim said Tuesday that delegates to Saturday’s state party convention supported a call for the president’s impeachment largely because of “perceived abuses of power and corruption in the Bush administration.”

He listed as examples of abuses of power, warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens [1], the misstatement of facts preceding the invasion of Iraq [2], and the scandal surrounding the indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former top aide in connection with the leak of the identity of a covert CIA operative [3].

I have numbered the talking points to show how completely suicidal this emotion driven drivel is.

[1] As President Bush pointed out, for the Democrats to call the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and crime worthy of impeachment means they must stand to stop the program. They cannot be for participating in it with Bush and then claim it was illegal for Bush to enact. It is clear the best the Democrats can claim is the President’s legal justification is questionable, even though all case law to date recognizes is war time powers and the ability to monitor the enemy no matter which Americans the enemy comes in contact with. But they must stand to protect terrorist communications and recalcitrant judges on the FISC to make this call hold up. Bring it on.

[2] The ‘facts’ leading up to the war in Iraq are immutable. Saddam Hussein had WMDs at some time. They were destroyed or, more likely with evidence emerging, transported out of country why the UN bickered over the final resolution to use Military Force (which could be argued was the goal of French resistance – buy time to hide the evidence of the WMD sources). But WMDs was not the trigger point. WMD technology and know how was. Saddam would not allow material stamped with ‘made in Baghdad’ into terrorist hands. But he might provide pieces and know-how so that there was no trace to Iraq for Al Qaeda’s future 9-11. Anyway, that argument is tired and not going to support impeachment. We would have to impeach every Democrat who agreed in the conventional wisdom of Iraq’s WMD capability and who voted in support of the invasion. Again, Democrats want to pretend Congress was never involved in the decision to go into Iraq. This is proving out to be a good example of why a President needs Congressional backing on these things. So the back stabbers can’t unsheath their knives.

[3] Bush cannot be held responsible for Scooter Libby’s lies. I seriously doubt Libby will be found guilty, but even if he was that is not grounds for impeaching Bush. Again, the Democrat are suffering from premature scandal mongering – Libby is considered innocent until the trial.

So, what we see from the left is incoherent, hate driven, revenge that defies simple common sense – let alone a legal basis. Now juxtapose that with a President who has chased down terrorists and cleaned out the swamps of brutality in Afghanistan and Iraq and you have the makings of a political route. But the liberal base is not out to win an election this year. They are out to make a statement. Unfortunately the statement they want to make is: “We’re Unhinged and We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore!”.

The Drugereport Flash regarding Gallup seperating itself from Gallup is interesting in a couple of ways. First it shows the continued decline of CNN as it become a well established liberal cry fest. I think CNN has a chance, but only if they can get more reporters and fewer ideologues. Lou Dobbs is the biggest xenophobe out their. He hates all things un-American. He and Jack what’s-his-name who is all glib lib insult half the nation. No way to run a business. In fact, you can see the problem Gallup had in this one sentence in the internal announcement letter:

“By dissolving our partnership with CNN we believe that Frank and other Gallup analysts will be seen as more independent so they will be more likely to be invited on a wide variety of television shows rather than primarily linked to CNN. We believe with this new found independence, we will get covered by more broadcast media because we are not the poll of their competitor.”

I think there is a hint of wanting to stop being seen as a leftwing organization as opposed to a business partner of CNN. FOX and other networks have never had a problem publishing Gallup polls, and I doubt they would consider hosting a Gallup segment as aiding CNN – just the opposite.

One thing I missed but saw on Drudge was President Bush putting a halt to rightwing mischaracterization of his immigration worker suggestions. My view is the government should up the allowable number to reflect what the economy is absorbing now. acknowledge legal status is a paperwork filing crime (like filing taxes forms) and does not require draconian measures like throwing employed people out of their houses and jobs across the border or into some holding pens, give people 3 years to work and then leave, and any alien committing a serious crime get’s the boot immediately – no parole or second chance. One strike your out. Anyway, Bush cleared up the question of amnesty by stating there will be no amnesty. So people not properly registered should be fined as we do anyone who doesn’t file their taxes.

Hope everyone has good day.

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  1. HaroldHutchison says:

    The President needs to hammer Malkin and Tancredo for their lies on his guest worker plan. He simply needs to point out that there is punishment for breaking the law – it is simply not the punishment that Malkin and Tancredo want.