Nov 03 2010

President Clueless At Presser

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President Obama is not getting what the election was about. As the press is asking repeatedly now, Obama has to face up to the fact he went down the wrong path. He is still defensive and unwilling to go where the people want to go.

Clearly he sees himself as the one who gets to decide whose ideas will be implemented. He has not figured out that he is being rejected. He won’t even admit it was the Democrats failed actions which racked up $5 trillion dollars in debt in 2 short years! That used to take over a decade.

This is going to be a lousy 2 years.

Update 1: The guy is babbling now. Now he is blaming being ‘rushed’ – who is in charge ‘dude’!

Update 2: He will never get it. He thinks bad results ave nothing to do with failed approaches. He is taking tax and spending cuts off the table since he has ‘looked at them and considered them’.

Update 3: Obama really does not get what happened. He moans about China’s high speed trains while saddling businesses with taxes and mandates and regulations which suck up money best spent on innovation. The government DOES NOT innovate – trust me on this. They fund the private sector to innovate (Lockheed’s skunk works, the internet, nuclear medicine, etc).

Take that lunatic 1099 reporting requirement in Obamacare. It is so obviously a stupid money waster to anyone who has been in business. He simply admits his lack of any real world experience caused him to totally miss the implications of that little detail. He has missed uncountable little details (like there are no shovel ready jobs) since coming to office.

And while he inherited a deficit ($1 trillion from TARP), he is the one who signed into law policies that exploded that deficit 5 fold! He really is either seriously delusional or a chronic liar. He thinks his foggy and misleading rhetoric still mesmerizes and confuses.

He refuses to admit he needs to give up his big government solutions. As I said in my post this morning, because the GOP only has the house they will be forced to simply hold hearings and stop further deployment of Obama’s foolish, liberal ideas. And that puts them in a risky position. They need to handle our young, inexperienced and stubborn president carefully. Make sure it is always his naive arrogance that causes the coming gridlock.

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  1. Redteam says:

    You said almost all the things I’m sitting here thinking.
    The folks are stupid that they don’t realize all the good things he has tried to do for them.

    It’s all about ‘him’

    He really wants to work with the ‘other’ party, whom he hasn’t met with at all in the last two years.

    I had already said ‘babbling’, just as you did. He was really rambing and doesn’t ‘get it’ at all. Clueless…..

  2. momdear1 says:

    Obama is a typical egotistical, self esteem enhanced, socially promoted, affirmative action, token minority job holder who thinks that he is equal to the task of running the country when he hasn’t a clue aboutwhat he is doing. All he knows iswhat his handlers have told him. He has surrounded himself with modern day “carpetbaggers” who are loothing the country just as their predessors did to the South during the first reconstruction. The only difference is that the entire country is included in this second reconstructiuon. It will take over 100 years for our country to dig itself out of the hole he is putting us in just as it took 100 years for the South to pay off all those billions of dollars in bonds floated to build projects that were never built. Nobody knows where that money went any more than we know where the trillions this clown has printed up and borrowed has gone. We are being told the bail out money has been repaid.If so, why wasn’t it used to reduce this monstrus trillion dollar plus deficit? Just pray we survive long enough to get rid of this clown.

  3. Terrye says:


    Obama did not inherit a trillion dollars from TARP…the total outlay for TARP was about $600 billion…less than half of which was used when Bush was in office…and virtually all of that has been paid back. In fact they made money off of a lot of those initial outlays. The total costs of TARP will be less than $100 billion.

    If Obama had not spent all that money on the stimulus and other bail outs and the in general expansion of government, the socalled “inherited” deficit would be a fraction of what it is now.

    In truth the deficit was down to $168 billion when the Democrats took control of office…it was about $486 billion after the financial collapse…but like I said a lot of that would have been paid back by now if not for huge additional outlays.

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  5. Mike M. says:

    One wonders when Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats will decide to throw Obama under the bus.

  6. owl says:

    Either he doesn’t get it or he knows he still has the wheel. He’s good at saying we should work together and then it takes him 18 months to invite them for a visit. It’s just a stage. He lies.

    Shhh Terrye, secret info. I keep waiting for some brave reporter to do a Breitbart and call him and all of them on it.