Mar 17 2006

Who Needs A Subpoena?

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Folks are speculating over at Just One Minute on who could be covered under a subpoena for the NY Times:

The subpoena to the Times also calls for:

_Documents of contacts between any Times employee and any of eight people, including then-CIA Director George Tenet and then-White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, regarding Joe Wilson.

_Documents concerning a recent Vanity Fair article in which Miller said she talked to many people in the government about Plame.

_Drafts of a personal account by Miller, published in the Times, about her grand jury testimony.

_Documents regarding Miller’s interactions with a Times editor in which Miller may have been told to pursue a story about Joe Wilson and a trip he made to Niger on behalf of the CIA.
How about who deserves a subpoane no matter what?

So far we:

NY Times

Judith Miller

Nicholas Kristof Documents (which could lead to another subpoena)

Time, Inc

Matt Cooper

Tim Russert

So who deserves a subpoena?

Joe Wilson (who talked to reporters and people inside the State Departent)

Valerie Wilson (who probably talked to CIA and other intelligence community people once the stories started coming out, but mainly because she was at the Joe Wilson debriefing which is sourced by Kristof and Pincus in their early articles by multiple sources!)

The two other DO agents who attended the Joe Wilson debriefing in March 2002 at the Wilson home so they can answer only one question: did they ever corroberate the details of that debriefing with Walter Pincus or Nicholas Kristof

The last two ‘witnesses’ are the perjury/obstruction of justice trap for the media.  Neither paper or reporter would go to press on Joe Wilson’s word alone, and they say so in their articles by siting multiple sources to this event. An event we learned a year later was only attended by four peope. So either Valerie is the back up source or one or more of the DO agents who did the debrief were!  And anyone who did not explain to Fitzgerald that Valerie’s role and employment was exposed to the media by the Wilson’s themselves for these early anonymous stories is obstructing justice by hiding a critical detail.

Rand Beers (he acknowledged knowing Joe and Valerie because Joe was on Kerry’s campaign at the time, and Beers was talking to reporters)

Andrea Mitchell (maybe she can get her story straight this time)

Everyone at the NBC news meeting when Russert returned from vacation and everyone was discussing Wilson’s article and Valerie Plame (but not that Plame was Mrs. Wilson)

Jonthan Landay for talking to a CIA source and four other government sources a month before Wilson outed himself.

Ari Fleischer


Mary Matalin

Richard Armitage

Bob Woodward

Bob Novak

I am sure there are others, but this group should provide the needed answers to what was really happening back in May, June and July of 2003 when the reporting was on how Joe Wilson debunked Niger forgeries which would not actually show up for another 6 months after his trip.   But the key to this case is the debriefing in March 2002 and who else sourced the early Pincus and Kristof stories.  If Valerie outted herself then Libby should have the charges dropped and Fitzgerald reprimanded, if not fired.

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2 Responses to “Who Needs A Subpoena?”

  1. az redneck says:

    Or new charges filed against those who intentionally lied to make this non-story keep going! Particularly Joe&Val.

  2. MerryJ1 says:

    (Fitzgerald) “…reprimanded if not fired.”

    Not good enough: Something has to stop this trend of political prosecutions, both state and federal (Fitzgerald/Libby, Ronnie Earl/DeLay, Eliot Spitzer/half of New York), the Florida pros/Rush Limbaugh’s medical records fishing trip, etc.).

    If this type of prosecutorial misconduct is not a felony, it should be and its practitioners should be charged and jailed. What good is the Bill of Rights if it can be circumvented by an ambitious wannabe-politician?