Jun 17 2005

Dems Redefine Judicial Deal

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Recall the Gang of 14 deal which broke the log jam for Bush’s judicial nominees? Well yesterday the Senate Judicial committee passed through a nominee who has languished in the Senate for 14 years! Yep, you heard right. Terrence Boyle has been trying to get confirmation since the administration of Bush I.

But what is really a concern about this nomination is the dems are now trying to redefine the filibuster deal. Their new claim:

Democrats have said that a party-line vote in committee leaves judicial nominees open to a filibuster, although they have not said whether they plan to block Boyle, a former aide to retired GOP Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina.

Somebody needs to get the dems a dictionary so they can understand the words they try to use, like “extreme situations”.

My guess is the dems are ready to test the GOP’s resolve and the boundaries of the deal.


Powerline has more details on this nomination here and here.

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