Oct 23 2010

Foreigners Try To Influence US Elections – Best Ignored For Two Weeks

It seems the big October surprise, meant to influence this year’s US elections, comes from traitorous foreigners who (a) got their hands on 100’s of thousands of classified military documents and (b) dumped them on the public 12 days before a pivotal election.

The whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks today released a trove of classified reports that it said documented at least 109,000 deaths in the Iraq war, more than the United States previously has acknowledged, as well as what it described as cases of torture and other abuses by Iraqi and coalition forces.

Sadly for the wimpy left, this news is not all that Earth shattering. Sadam Hussein has millions of Arab and Persian Muslim deaths on his hands. He killed about 100,000 a year over his bloody reign. And most of the deaths since the US invasion of Iraq were not a result of US actions, but of blood thirsty al Qaeda associates playing to the liberal western media. Most Iraqis died at the hands of Islamo Fascists trying to get headlines with grotesque and spectacular mass killings. Because the liberals in the West are willing to cry for defeat and retreat at the drop of a hat, the Islamo Fascists went on a killing spree that made the sands of Iraq run red. If the left in the West showed even modest solidarity with their governments, the terrorists would not find mass murder a viable political option.

But what is also clearly intended here is a blatant attempt to influence our elections from outside our country. And I have a very simple answer for that – we ignore this for two weeks and deal with it after the upcoming election. As an American I really am repulsed by foreign influence on our decisions. As these liberals whine and complain about US influence disrupting (usually corrupt and deadly) foreign governments, their duplicitous conclusion is to effect our elections from outside. Not going to happen – we don’t need to respond to these mess before the election, no one could process the meaning of all this data in two weeks. So we ignore this outside attempt to manipulate us and we deal with our election decisions before dealing with whatever this traitorous effort to risk the lives and sacrifices of our military.

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  1. WWS says:

    I don’t see how this has much of an effect on our elections – too far removed from anyone currently in power or seeking to replace the current bunch. It *is* a direct attack on the American military, no doubt – but even the most liberal dems are going to be afraid to jump on a full blown anti-military campaign this time around.

    This illustrates why foreign attempts to influence our elections always fall flat – they don’t have any understanding of what the issues in our elections really are. To illustrate, I certainly don’t want to whitewash any serious violations that occurred; but no matter what comes out, it could have no effect on who I or people I know will vote for this time around, because that’s not an issue in this election.

  2. WWS says:

    btw, after looking at all the polls, I find the only one I really feel confident about is Nate Silver’s at 538. He’s predicting a 51 seat pickup in the house and plus 7 or 8 in the Senate. He also says that better returns than that are possible for the GOP, but not probable.

    I can live with those results, if that’s how it turns out – those are *very* good gains and set up the 2012 races nicely. And everything we get that’s better than those numbers is just gravy.

    The reason I’m hesitant to hope for any better – I just don’t see the California races turning to the GOP yet. California, as a state, may be lost and there may be no turnaround there until that state truly does reach the depths of financial collapse, as Michigan already has.

  3. Toes192 says:

    Alaska update: Despite you slick foreigners messing with our elections up here… (ref: WWS’s dumb comments after the “Ego-in-chief” post Oct 14th) …
    Joe Miller is still running a lousy campaign… Acting on WWS’s advice…My wife & I took a quicky “how to read English” course … We now actually read a daily newspaper where each candidate elaborates each day on a subject … Actually listen to Mr. Miller and Lisa and Scott when we can … (I know this is difficult for you foreigners to understand but they hold debates where you can compare them) and and… unlike WWS …we have studied their positions at their Web sites…
    May has decided to switch her primary vote and go for Murkowski… Since we vote as a team… I have to find a reason to convince her otherwise… We team vote after household debate… Otherwise… the dogs just get too dam worn out from the round trip to the voting station … since it would be a wash if we voted opposite …
    Scott McAdams is the best choice but he’s a (D) … What is really obnoxious about our (2) votes is that McAdams has a (smallish) backdoor chance if (D)’s stay solid and we (R)’s split…
    I don’t know if you heard… but Senator Ted Stevens endorsed Lisa from his grave at Arlington … Now THAT was really impressive !!
    Kinda nice to be in a country where your vote can really count… Recent Mayoral race in Sitka (population 8,835)(to replace Scott) was decided by (2) votes…
    So… I repeat … Mr. McAdams (imho) would be best for Alaska… It’s that d** guy who leads his party that we object to …

  4. WWS says:

    I’m flattered – one slightly critical comment and I find out you and your wife have been stewing about it for a week! I had no idea you were so easily influenced.

    don’t worry, you have my permission to vote for whoever you want to. I don’t want you to suffer like you have been from worrying about what I might say.

  5. luc says:

    OT/ Occasionally I see comments regarding problems with reading the discussions on this site which indicates that I am not the only one experiencing problems. It is more than 2 months that on connecting to strata-sphere.com, I see posts that are more than one week old.
    AJ, I am surprised that you did not yet fix this problem as you seem to take a lot of pride in your site. I have been reading this blog for more than a couple of years and I would be really sorry to stop now, but clicking on ALL General Discussions to see if there is a new post is becoming a bit tiresome. I hope that you will not interpret my comment in a negative way as I enjoy reading your post. Than you.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Barely over a week away! Will the Democrats come out with more October Surprises? And I don’t think their previous October surprises worked.

    Hope you guys have already voted!

  7. AJStrata says:


    We have been trying to track down the problem. The other issue is we are trying to stay above water in a horrible economy. Just not enough hours of the day.

  8. sbd says:

    Well, it seems that at least with this dump of documents on Wikileaks, some of the info actually helps the GOP. According to the documents just released, Chemical weapons were found in Iraq.

    WikiLeaks Show WMD Hunt Continued in Iraq – With Surprising Results

    Read More http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/10/wikileaks-show-wmd-hunt-continued-in-iraq-with-surprising-results/#ixzz13OxiHYlO

    In August 2004, for instance, American forces surreptitiously purchased what they believed to be containers of liquid sulfur mustard, a toxic “blister agent” used as a chemical weapon since World War I. The troops tested the liquid, and “reported two positive results for blister.” The chemical was then “triple-sealed and transported to a secure site” outside their base.

    Three months later, in northern Iraq, U.S. scouts went to
    look in on a “chemical weapons” complex. “One of the bunkers has been tampered with,” they write. “The integrity of the seal [around the complex] appears intact, but it seems someone is interesting in trying to get into the bunkers.”

    Meanwhile, the second battle of Fallujah was raging in Anbar province. In the southeastern corner of the city, American forces came across a “house with a chemical lab … substances found are similar to ones (in lesser quantities located a previous chemical lab.” The following day, there’s a call in another part of the city for explosive experts to dispose of a “chemical cache.”

    Read More http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/10/wikileaks-show-wmd-hunt-continued-in-iraq-with-surprising-results/#ixzz13OwLkz7C