Mar 13 2006

Top Issue 2006: Impeachment

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As if to emphasize my earlier point regarding my prediction impeachment of Bush-Cheney will define this years federal elections, Russ Fiengold came out with Feingold’s Follly to put his own party on the line:

If Frist had succeeded in bringing Feingold’s resolution up for a floor vote, it would have put on the spot Democrats who are thinking of running for president in 2008, such as Sens. Hillary Clinton, Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, and John Kerry.

Feingold himself is a potential 2008 Democratic presidential contender.

So, let’s see how the capitulation by the Democrats on a simple censure motion went over with the leftward fringes:

One of the potential benefits to the Feingold Censure Resolution, besides standing up for the Constitution, the rule of law, and our system of government (like anyone in the DC establishment [sorry for the offense to DC citizens] actually cares about that), is an unintentional one — it will expose the hypocrites and phonies in the DC establishment.


These guys KNOW this is a loser. Why any Democrat would vote AGAINST censure is unfathomable. Are they SOOOO afraid of being painted as weak on Terra? Being pereived as weak comes from never standing and fighting, not from rolling over. Where is the support? The messaging? The building of public support?


The Democratic Party is what it is. We should be neither surprised nor shocked by that. What should surprise us is that progressives continue to support these losers. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Electing Democrats has a predictable result. And it is not a progressive one.


The Democrats are the new Whigs, a party sliding into historical oblivion from its inability to form coherent party positions on the most pressing issues of the day and therefor riddled with dissatisfaction and defection. Amazingly, they still can’t seem to grasp that they are not the majority party and so ought not to be playing safe politics. What are they trying to protect? Their minority status? They seem to have no idea how to function as an opposition party.


I hope they’re wrong about Warner. Not because I’m backing him for Prez in 08 (though I would vote for him for sure,) but because I’m from VA and I had a lot of respect for him during his Governorship. If he opposed the censure he would lose some of that respect, unless he was opposing it in favor of impeachment. But I really don’t see him proposing that either. I think alot of Virginian’s would be disappointed.


If they are serious, it should be impeachment. Censor is just meaningless. If the president “violated the law” then he needs to be help accountable.

Only usefull thing that might come out of this is it will expose dems like GOP Joe for what they are.

Exactly what does censure accomplish? Why do Dems waste their time with crap like this instead of really going after this admin.

Well, this all sounds so promising – for Reps. The Democrats are crushing their base’s support.  Even Feingold himself has a post on Kos (is he now a Kos Kiddy?):

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  1. The Gift’s Keep Coming…

    Talk about a coward, running like a little girl from Specter. Hard to believe any person in this country voted for this piece of dogcrap. I mean Specter is not even a real Republican and this guy runs from him? What the hell!


  2. Kaz-Man says:

    I’ve been thinking over the last six months or so that Feingold has the best chance at winning the nomination in 2008. That would be good news for Republicans.