Mar 10 2006

Look At The Other Side

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The media is all happy about Bush’s falling poll numbers, and assuming it spells doom for Bush. From the latest AP/Ipsos poll:

Nearly 70 percent of people say the U.S. is on the wrong track, a 6-point jump since February.

Bush’s job approval among Republicans plummeted from 82 percent in February to 74 percent, a dangerous sign in a midterm election year when parties rely on enthusiasm from their most loyal voters. The biggest losses were among white males.

What is clear is the extreme ends of the spectrum are both fed up and frustrated. The left has been neutered politically for going on 6 years now. These are the same 47% that voted against Bush in 2004, the same 37% of the population that are self professed democrats, etc.

In the camp of people feeling the country is on the wrong track you have the Bush backers (37-40%) like me who see the two parties going into the tank after the DPW debacle. Interestingly the backing for Bush is probably all coming from the middle of the spectrum.  Very little from the left.  I feel the country is on the wrong track – not Bush. The left and right think Bush is on the wrong track.  I feel DC is a disaster right now, not Bush. So the right track-wrong track numbers are covering more than Bush.

The right wingers are frustrated Bush hasn’t done enough like outlawed illegal aliens and rounded them up and dumped them across the border yet. They just pushed away a key Arab ally and they are ready to clean house more. And Bush is in their way. That is why Bush support is coming more from the middle part of his base rather than the rightwing side of his base.

The problem for the Democrats is they look worse than the rightwing from the middle view. The problem for all parties is they will probably continue to lose support since so many people are realizing we don’t need parties who react to emotion (dems with their Bush hate, Reps with their xenophobia) instead of working solutions. There is a lot of frustration Bush cannot control DC, but it is becoming clear DC has lost its mind and Bush is only one person with no authority over Congress.  His numbers could rebound.
A lot of people want the DPW issue to simply go away. It will never go away. It is the reason the numbers are where they are.  How can people say the rejection of a critical ally is just what it is and to move on? Where is this apathy coming from? Is this why we allow ourselves to make rash and terrible decisions – we never hold people accountable? No, this will not go away. The damage is done and spreading.  The conservative movement destroyed itself again with the far right going off the deep end, this time hand-in-hand with the liberal democrats!

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    AJ, I emailed my Congressman, Mark Souder, R-IN, 3rd District, last night and told him I hadn’t been this embarrassed and ashamed to be a Republican since Watergate. He had openly bragged last week that Congress would kill the DPW deal. I told him that, although I had supported his candidacy each time since 1994, not to count on my vote this time around. The Democrat local City Councilman running against him this year is, by all accounts, a pretty decent guy, but I still haven’t made up my mind whether or not I can hold my nose long enough to vote for a Donk at the national level. I’ve been a registered Republican since 1966, but in terms of my personal beliefs, I’m a Christian first, a husband and father second, a conservative third, a free market capitalist fourth, and a Republican last. My inclination, this time around is simply to vote against the incumbent in every race. Maybe if everyone would do that for 2 or 3 election cycles in a row, the pols might get the message that they work for us.

  2. Karig says:

    Bush’s poll numbers plummeting? Wow, he might even have trouble getting re-elected. [/sarcasm]

  3. az redneck says:

    In this climate, maybe Rove should now gather a list of items AGAINST a good Repub agenda and recommend that our brave congressional warriors support them! Couldn’t hurt!!!