Sep 28 2010

Seniors On Medicare Lose Their Insurance – Thanks To Obamacare

Update: National Review has a good recap of “Obamacare @ 6 Months” and how all signs indicate those who opposed Obamacare were right and the supporters of Obamacare were – at best – misleading:

Two weeks ago, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to the nation’s insurers with a plainly stated threat: Either the insurers conform to the political agenda of the administration and describe the reasons for premium increases in terms acceptable to the Democratic party, or they will be shut out entirely from the government-managed insurance marketplace. What could possibly have provoked a cabinet secretary to launch such an indiscriminate broadside against an entire industry? Simple: A handful of insurers had dared to utter the truth, noting that the new law has imposed costly insurance mandates that will raise premiums for everyone. For that offense, the federal government has essentially threatened to put the truth-telling insurers out of business.

Recall that President Obama took more than a year to settle on Dr. Berwick as his nominee to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — and then moved in a matter of weeks to put him in place without Senate confirmation. The president tried to blame Republicans for this blatant end-run around constitutional checks and balances, even though Democrats control the Senate and could have held a hearing and a vote if they had wanted to. The truth is that Democrats didn’t want Dr. Berwick to be confirmed in the Senate. They wanted him on the job, for sure, because he is an ardent government-takeover enthusiast, and is prepared to use all of the levers at his disposal to advance that objective. The president and his Democratic allies just wanted to get Dr. Berwick in place without the public’s really noticing.

Orwell was just a tad too early in his prediction of Big Brother. Oppressive government hit the US in 2008, not 1984. Obamacare killed the Democrat Party. Lesson #2 from November. Lesson #1: government cannot stimulate ecomomic growth, that has to come from the private sector. The corollary: Big Government and out of control spending can snuff out even the world’s largest and strongest economy. – end update

Well Madam Speaker, we are clearly getting a glimpse of how Obamacare will force most Americans off their current insurance plans, even those on Medicare:

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has notified customers that it will drop its Medicare Advantage health insurance program at the end of the year, forcing 22,000 senior citizens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine to seek alternative supplemental coverage.

So Obama lied when he said you can keep your current coverage – big surprise there. Seniors were the ones most duped by Obama’s lofty and misleading rhetoric on health care. He has always been a big proponent of death panels through rationing. And now we see the fruits of all his bribes in the Senate to get his government take-over of health care passed.

It is no surprise democrats are an endangered species this election (and will be for many election cycles to come). They lied to America as they took from them one of their most sacred possessions – their health care coverage. Now the government is in charge of deciding who shall live and who shall be called to give the ultimate sacrifice to their fellow (younger) citizens.

Everyone knows this election is critical to the survival of this nation and its people.

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4 Responses to “Seniors On Medicare Lose Their Insurance – Thanks To Obamacare”

  1. My 70 something parents are still hopping mad about Obamacare and they intend to vote all the way down ticket “anybody but Democrats.”

    So are all their still living brothers and sisters.

  2. mbabbitt says:

    My 82 year old mother was just informed that her insurance is dropping the Medicare coverage via AdvantaRX out of PA. I imagine that they are also cutting their losses. What a bunch of creeps the Dems are. Less care, more expensive — now that’s healthcare reform – in the wrong direction.

  3. Jinny says:

    It’s certainly important to my husband and myself. We are coming into the disposable age where the death panel will be asked if we have any value left to offer. Think we don’t care about the elections and our vote?

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Did you read Kathleen Sebelius’ new article? Unbelievable!