Mar 06 2006

Isn’t This Terrorism?

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Glancing over at Michelle’s site and her tracking of that whacked out young man who drove the rented Jeep through a crowd in Chapel Hill she asks a simple question:

Can we call it terrorism yet?

Well, from the Islamists own mouth we have:

Mohammad Taheri-azar, a 2005 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, smiled and waved before his hearing Monday. Taheri-azar told the courtroom that he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.”

As he left court, Taheri-Azar told reporters, “the truth is my lawyer.” When asked if he was trying to kill people, he said yes.

A better question is: who wouldn’t call this terrorism?  If someone has trouble connecting these dots they are as blind as a bat.  Of course it is terrorism.  Thankfully of the rank amateurish kind.  A trained terrorist would have accomplished a lot more.

But this episode does illustrate how easy it is to kill people if a nutcase wants to.  It is this fact that sort of belies those resisting the DPW Port  deal to face facts.  DPW would not spend $9B to sneak an attack on us, nor would they risk that deal to allow one to happen.  If Al Qaeda was going to attack us through DPW or the UAE, they have had plenty of opportunities over the last 5 years we have been allied with the UAE.

There is no perfect defense.  We need to find the radical nutcases hell bent on killing – not Arab business men.  We don’t have a lot of resources to squander barking up the wrong tree.

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  1. Labeling the Taheriazar Incident…

    Was Taheriazar’s act of driving a rental SUV into a crowd of people at the UNC Chapel Hill campus an act of terrorism? Based on his statements, it certainly appears to be the case, but the authorities have been silent on the subject….