Mar 06 2006

Senator Kyl On The NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program

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This piece by Senator Kyl touches on the Patriot Act re-authorization, the NSA debate and the Dubai World Ports deal.  It is an interesting and thoughtful piece, please check it out.

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2 Responses to “Senator Kyl On The NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program”

  1. Snapple says:

    This is a sensible article.

  2. wildcat says:

    Thoughtful, sensible, interesting…all great words to describe Jon Kyl. In fact, I saw him give argue a great parallel between the terrorist surveillance program legislation and the war powers act where he skillfully argued that Congress and the President might posture but eventually they have to step back and compromise because it poses serious constitutional questions that the Supreme Court is unlikely to answer. His proposal for that program seems to be the best because it avoids the unitary executive criticisms, permits flexibility, and provides oversight. For what it is worth, Kyl seems to be the Senator from AZ to watch.