Mar 05 2006

Jermaine Jackson Exposes Michael’s Kid Problem

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The first interview we did on this site was with a man who headed security at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and who had clearly disturbing insight on how many kids would sleep at Neverland. This man knew how many children slept in Michael’s room or other favorite spots because the fire code demanded security keep track of locations in case of emergency. What has never been tallied is the number of kids who did sleep in the inner sanctum of Neverland.
I tend to stay away from the glitz side of things, but a wealthy and protected child stalker is something we cannot tolerate. Who knows how many kids of been scarred by Michael over the years – if all this is true?

Well it now seems Michael’s own family are not comfortable leaving their kids around what could be a child predator:

Even the pop star’s behavior with his own nephews has left his family “shaken,” according to Jermaine. He recounts the family coming together after the death of brother Tito’s ex-wife in the mid 1990s and finding Michael sitting on a bed with Tito’s young sons and holding them in a disturbing manner.

Jermaine also dished about the singer’s bizarre behavior shortly before he surrendered to authorities to face charges in November 2003.

Holed up in a Las Vegas hotel room, Michael calmly watched a “Pinocchio” DVD with his three children in his lap, but he later flew into a rage, trashing the room and breaking every glass, lamp and dish in it.

What get’s me is the twisted logic by those who protect this guy? Children are possibly being sexually molested an this is the rationale given to leave them as lambs to the slaughter:

The protective big brother vowed to help Michael beat the rap because “Michael couldn’t survive one day in prison … He’d commit suicide.”

Well, with children being abused that is just a risk Michael and The Jacksons are going to have to take! This is not a reason to allow someone to continue to hurt little kids.

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  1. Seixon says:

    I seriously don’t think Michael is molesting kids, but there’s no doubt that he is too nuts to leave your kids with. He has massive psychological problems and should not be put in a position of taking care of kids.