Sep 14 2010

Climategate: The Skeptics Strike Back

This report is mandatory reading for everyone interested in the current state of climate ‘science’. Here is a snapshot of the Forward, which should become a plank in the GOP’s new contract with America this fall:

The Government then needs to look at the serious criticisms of the IPCC made in the recent InterAcademy Report. While the IPCC presents itself as a synthesis of the work of over 2,000 scientists it appears that in practice it is a process in which a much smaller number of scientists, whose work and careers are intertwined, dominate the assessment and seek to repel those who are situated elsewhere in the spectrum of scientifi c opinion. There is no transparent process for selection of participants in the assessments. Its handling of uncertainty is fl awed and outcomes that are highly speculative are presented with unwarranted certainty. Use is made of non-peer-reviewed material without identifying it as such. The Government should then demand that the changes recommended by the IAC in practice, governance and leadership should be implemented immediately for the Fifth Assessment.

Parliament then needs to start moving forward. Parliament, whether Commons, Lords or a joint venture between the two, should undertake or sponsor two pieces of work. The fi rst would be a study into the ethos and governance of scientifi c work in the fi eld of climate change. From this I hope would emerge an acceptance that, contrary to the words of eminent scientists who should know better, science is never “settled” or “unchallengeable”. That is what the Church said to Galileo. Scientifi c progress always proceeds by proposition and challenge. Dissent must be accepted and not suppressed, and evidence and methods must be transparent and readily shared. There should be full and willing compliance with FOI. Scientists should remain scientists and not become politicians or NGO activists.

The second piece of work should be a fundamental review of the science itself, which was the task which the Select Committee thought had been assigned to the Scientifi c Assessment Panel but which the latter defined more narrowly.

Climate science is immensely complex. There is a wide spectrum of methodologies and data and substantial differences in the conclusions which scientists reach. But instead of the full gamut of scientifi c thought being displayed with all its uncertainties, the public has been fed a particular variant of the climate change story with many of the caveats stripped out. There is, however, a much richer but more complex story to be told which recognizes the complexities and uncertainties and also recognizes that there are strong natural variations upon which manmade emissions are superimposed.

Only if the integrity of the science is reestablished and the strengths and weaknesses of the main propositions are acknowledged will there be the basis of trust with the public that policymakers need.

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5 Responses to “Climategate: The Skeptics Strike Back”

  1. dbostan says:

    Don’y worry, Castle will vote with Harry Reid for Crap and Tax if he is elected…

  2. AJStrata says:


    If the GOP wins the senate there will be NO CAP & TRADE!

    Duh! The party in the majority schedules what legislation is debated. Lordy, get thee to a US Gov class.

  3. tarpon says:

    dittos the Castle remark … How does anyone square that with honor when you admit you would vote to propagate a lie.

    Don’t forget the RINOs from Maine will still be there and they are crap and tax progressives.

  4. sdcougar says:

    Would like to see some ‘strike back’ here, too.

    Have you seen the NASA propaganda site for kids? Could somebody please ask them to eliminate all the propaganda??[

    And two of their bullets for kids:
    Earth has been getting warmer fast, causing lots of serious problems
    Humans are causing this warming

    And we all need to be sending stories like this on the Climategate inquiries to the PBS Ombudsman and asking why we never see any of this news on the tax supported PBS NewsHour.

  5. AJStrata says:

    sdcougar, I wish that was the only point of propaganda. You should see the stuff at the NASA visitor centers.

    But the bureaucracy does what it needs to do to keep funding their missions.