Mar 03 2006

Wake Up America, Your Fears Can Hurt You

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America, in a fit if Ayrab fear over the DPW stock buy out of a British company, is risking so much in listening to the facsist nuts like Michael Savage (now an advisor to Democrat Sen Harry Reid). The potential of someone slipping though all the security arrangements now in place with The UAE and DPW is nothing compared to LOSING all those arrangments now in place.

Yes, two Sept. 11 hijackers were from the UAE. But lesser known is that when the Emirates government learned two of its own were part of the attack it committed troops to fight alongside American soldiers in Afghanistan.

No rationalizing about motives, no suggesting Israeli Mossad or CIA conspiracies, no avoiding responsibility. The UAE was the only Arab and Muslim country to stand shoulder to shoulder with the U.S — a display all too rare in the Middle East.

The UAE is now hugely helpful in tracking terrorist funds, and intelligence officials confirm that Dubai serves as a waypoint from which the U.S. can more easily identify and understand who and what al Qaeda is deploying internationally.

When the Department of Homeland Security started the container security initiative to make sure cargo was reliably screened for radiological bombs, smuggled weapons or other terror threats, Dubai was the first foreign port to sign on. The country is a high traffic port of call for U.S. Navy ships, including aircraft carriers and submarines.

If we trust UAE ports to host our nuclear-powered vessels and we trust their cities with our sailors — plus they enforce the highest cargo security measures set by the U.S. — we should be able to trust them with basic port services like loading and unloading ships here.

This country is about to make a very, very serious mistake and walk away from our 200+ years of proud heritage for being a people of bravery and honor. We will walk away from being a people of open hands and hearts to a society that is fear filled and cowering from the big bad scary world. Just what liberals want – people who will run to them for protection because they cannot face the harshness of the world around them. Or worse, we will be like the xenophobes we see in Michael Savage’ ilk who fight their own, personal demon of insecurity by dissing ‘outlanders’. The day Americans are afraid to stand tall and succeed in spite of challenges is the day America dies.

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