Sep 06 2010

80% Of American’s Not Happy With Democrats’ Economy

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Update: CNN has the GOP +7 (52-45) in their generic congressional poll, Rasmussen has the GOP +12% (48-36). From the CNN poll:

Republicans also have a large and growing advantage among independents. Sixty-two percent of independents questioned say they would vote for the generic Republican in their district, with three in 10 saying they’d cast a ballot for the generic Democrat. That 32-point margin for the Republicans among independents is up from an 8-point advantage last month.

32 point lead with independents! I can see the November Tsunami from my front porch. – end update

CNN has a bruising poll out this Labor Day showing 80% of the nation is not happy with the economic results after nearly two years of liberal Democrat policies and failures:

Eighty-one percent of the public rates the county’s economic conditions as poor, with 18 percent describing the economy as good.

Forty-four percent of people questioned describe economic conditions as very poor, up seven points from July.

The poll indicates more people blame the GOP than the Dems, but the reality is more people blame DC than average Americans. And that is what this vote is about: do we put our trust back in the hands of the people and massively cut back on government intervention (and resultant screw ups) or do we let the liberals continue down this insane path. The party of Big Government (Democrats) is running against the wishes of the people, who want power returned to the individual.

Clive Crook also makes a very sound observation:

The Democratic party in Congress stands to the left of most US voters, just as Republicans stand to the right. If, with his party in control on Capitol Hill, the president will not act as moderator, then divided government starts to look attractive. Force the president to work with Republicans instead. This is how many centrists will approach the election.

If this election is about keeping your current health care are saving Pelosi’s job as Speaker of the House, we all know which way the votes will go.

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  1. WWS says:

    What’s funny is to watch Dem House Organs like CNN lead the Dems down the primrose path to even greater destruction. They are going to seize on the part where people supposedly blame Republicans without realizing that not a single one of the Tea Partiers is very happy about TARP or the big-government ways of the last Republican congress. This is why so many of the good time dem-appeasing “republicans” are on the way out, men like Crist and Specter and Bennet and Ingles and Ms. Murkowski. *Those* are the kind of Republicans being blamed, but the dems fail to note that they are not being replaced by those more liberal than them, but those who are anti-Big Government.

    So they are going to try and run a campaign against a guy, George Bush, who isn’t running but what’s more whose popularity is rising as it suddenly doesn’t look as easy to run a country as they thought it was.

    This is going to be fun.

    p.s. – that 18% who think the economy is getting better is probably a pretty good estimation of the size of the delusional parasite class in this country. They can never be reasoned with or won over – they must be crushed politically in order for this country to thrive again. And even after that they’ll hate us, but as long as they have no chance at power they can be tolerated. This delusional and radically destructive 18% includes the MSM, Hollywood, and much of the Ruling Class, of course. Those on top have been raking it in while the rest of us suffer.

    I think that’s about to change.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Then we have this new Chris Mathews propaganda. What percentage of the Americans will fall for his new propaganda?

    Democrat secret weapon: The unemployed

    On September 1, Chris Matthews of MSNBC had this advice for his fellow Democrats:

    Let me finish tonight with the politics of this November.

    If the Republicans want to roll up the score, they’re on the right path. Energized by the Tea Party grassroots, driven by a nasty economy and by a ferocious propaganda campaign that paints the Democrat in the White House as a terrorist sympathizer, they can just keep doing what they`re doing.

    Democrats have a tougher task. How to win when things are so darn bad? Well, the smart, tough, hard-nosed strategy is to play to your strengths.

    Democrats have always been trusted first and foremost on the economic basics — bread and butter, looking out for people in trouble. They’re the party you vote for when you’re unemployed, when you’re really need unemployment insurance, when you`re worried about retiring and needing every cent of that Social Security check you spent your life working for.

    Democrats are also the people you tend to trust when you see that the grand loudly promised benefits of globalism and greater productivity are going to the boys on Wall Street, when your factory is closing, when you`re being cut from a job you`ve spent decades doing your best at.

    Well, look, this is going to be a tough year for the Democrats, but if they’re smart, they’ll start talking about real ways to create jobs, making steel to build rapid rail track and fast-moving trains, bringing big, big heavy, good-paying industrial jobs back to put men and women to work here in our American neighborhoods because of real capital investments and rebuilding our subways and bridges and road systems — real jobs to replace the smell of decay with the healthy smell of construction, of dirty being moved and foundations being laid and real, good old, almost forgotten factory noise.

    Oh, you`ll be knocked for talking like this. You`ll be mocked by the smoother, better off critics out there. But the working people will hear you as real, and Mr. And Mrs. Democrat may well end up with a good piece of the political action, even this November — not only that, but one day, sooner than you think, with a place in the sun.

    Democrats, did you hear me? Play your strengths: work and wages.

    Let me repeat that from Chris Matthews: “They’re the party you vote for when you’re unemployed…”

    Finally, the perpetual motion machine has been invented.

    Since Democrats took over Congress, 7 million people have lost their jobs.

    That means 7 million votes for Democrats.

    One other thing, Chris Matthews said of his party “if they’re smart, they’ll start talking about real ways to create jobs, making steel to build rapid rail track and fast-moving trains, bringing big, big heavy, good-paying industrial jobs back to put men and women to work here in our American neighborhoods because of real capital investments and rebuilding our subways and bridges and road systems — real jobs to replace the smell of decay with the healthy smell of construction, of dirty being moved and foundations being laid and real, good old, almost forgotten factory noise.”


    How do you make steel without mining for coal — without putting carbon dioxide into the air — without using some form of nuclear or carbon-based energy — without exceeding the noise pollution limits — without violating any of the 200 volumes of federal law and regulations that are now on the books?

  3. Highlander says:

    “The Democratic party in Congress stands to the left of most US voters, just as Republicans stand to the right…”

    Seriously? Most US voters stand to the left of today’s Republican party? Explain that one to me, please. I think Mr. Crook is engaging in some serious rationalizations in an attempt to mitigate the position in which Democrats presently find themselves. The coming wave is less anti-incumbent than it is anti-big government. Those Republicans seen as being too comfortable with the Libs big government policies are the ones in danger of being sent home in disgrace. According to Mr. Crook’s analysis, those are precisely the same ones most in tune with the majority of US voters. So, where’s the soundness in Mr. Crooks’ observation?

  4. lurker9876 says:

    wws, after watching how the lefts attacked Bush and we know that they will start to attack the next Republican WH with two Republican Houses, ya think that 80 percent of the Americans will fall for their attacks this time?

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Not much soundness in Mr. Crook’s observation. Too much rationale without facing the truth.

  6. WWS says:

    No lurker, I don’t. I think over the last few years, and especially in the last two, the MSM has forfeited their credibility to the extent that they are now going to slowly fade away, one outfit cracking after another.

    example: recent stories in the financial pages have revealed that CBS has cut staff to the point that it is running with a virtual skeleton crew.

    “around the same time, CBS announced a round of layoffs that reduced the roughly 1,400-person staff by nearly 100. A host of smaller snips came as well: The person who handled ordering business cards vanished, and staffers haven’t been able to get them since. Cell phone services are blocked on company-provided BlackBerrys for many producers, who are now encouraged to communicate by text. The communication between CBS brass, including news division president Sean McManus, and their staff has all but vanished.

    “There’s no email,” said one producer. “There is no sense at all that you’re at a network.””

    (end quote)

    This is happening to various extents in every part of the MSM. The public face they present is getting all the attention, and they are working as hard as they can to hide the fact that the heart of their operations is dying.

    Now, this fall gives them a short term financial boost, and this will explain why the shill for the Dems so hard – the vast majority of the hundreds of millions that the Dems raise and spend in this campaign is going to be given to the MSM in ad revenues and other payments. That’s how this merry go round works. They write glowing praise of the Dems because they’re paid to do so. That’s also why they believe that anyone who criticizes them must be being paid by someone, since in their world that’s the only way it works. They’ve been dishonest so long that they no longer have the ability to understand what the words “honesty” and “integrity” actually mean.

    But as soon as we get past November 3rd – the MSM’s Gravy Train ends. And they no longer have a business model which will allow them to survive without the Dem’s to pump hundreds of millions of dollars of support into them.

    This whole crazy calliope of entitlement is about to come crashing to the ground, and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    And The People will rejoice!

  7. Mel Brooks should angry at this generation of Democrats.

    They keep stealing his material.

    As in:

    “No one is prepared for the Spanish (Democratic Party) Inquisition! Nobody!!!

    These yo-yos have seen the Tea Party coming for a year and still don’t get it.

    Now it is all:

    “When in trouble, fear, or doubt…Run around, Scream and Shout!”

    from here until election day

  8. This is a compilation of House district polls from the Free Republic Web site.


    The Short form:

    47 Seats — Democratic incumbents behind Republican challengers

    5 Seats — Open Democratic House seats in Republican leaning districts (no polls yet)

    20 Seats — Republicans close to Democrat incumbents, with the incumbent well below 50%

    The magic seat turn over number is 39.

    The total number of Democratic seats in trouble is 73.

    Wave election years like 1994 and 2006 saw 89% of incumbents in as much trouble as the the 73 listed lose.

    73 * .89 equals 65 seats lost.

    Neither 1994 nor 2006 has a 9.3% at higher unemployment rate for the 15 months prior to election day.

    OTOH, the Democrats are throwing a lot of money into GOTV and the Ohio Secretary of State for one has just created a 30 day mail in ballot election for Ohio (But not Ohio resident military servicemen).

    I’d say we are at a 65 seat, +/-15 seat range for the House and an 8 seat +/-3 seat range for the Senate.

    The American public has to go out and vote big enough that cheating won’t matter.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Cannot have a strong economy with a strong labor movement?

    Good grief!

  10. archtop says:

    I’m still looking for this election cycle to be one of the nastiest in recent memory. The ONLY hope the Dems have is a scorched earth strategy (i.e. extremely negative campaign ads) to hopefully nudge close elections their way (e.g. Reid vs Angle in NV). I hope the GOP stays on the issues and reminds the public over and over who it was that gave us 9.6% unemployment and Obamacare. Meanwhile, GOTV will be very important, though it will be much easier for the GOP since most of its voter base (including myself) are madder than angry hornets…

  11. […] military commanders are just now coming to the conclusion that fighting the enemy more… 80% Of American’s Not Happy With Democrats’ Economy – 09/06/2010 CNN has a bruising poll out this Labor Day showing 80% of the […]

  12. Fai Mao says:

    Question to those of you who know how to figure this stuff out.

    Looking at the post from the Free Republic linked above:

    It looks like a possible, if everything breaks right, 72 seat pickup for the Republicans in November. So, what would it take to get a 100 seat pickup?

  13. WWS says:

    The reason a 100 seat pickup is probably impossible is because of gerrymandering, the drawing of congressional districts to make them safe. It means that a large number of Congressmen, 80% of them at least, have guaranteed safe seats no matter what they do because the district was drawn so that their supporters outweigh the opposition by as much as 90% vs. 10% in their own specific areas.

    Take Eddie Bernice Johnson from South Dallas, the congresswoman who was recently caught embezzling money from the CBC’s scholarship fund – she’s a perfect example. You would think that Texas is generally conservative and she might face a challenge – but not a chance. In order to make more surrounding GOP districts, the Texas Lege concentrated Dem voters in her district, which is something like 65% Black, 37% Hispanic, 3% White. It’s a poor part of South Dallas and everyone who has two dimes to rub together owes personal favors to her, just like any big mafia organization. Her buses are going to be the only ones to run on election day and take her supporters to the polls, and her people will be filling out all of the old people’s absentee ballots. Her district is about as tightly controlled as one gets.

    There *is* a man running against her, a black pastor named Broden. But I’m sorry to say this, but in areas like that racial politics still rules, and if Eddie Bernice Johnson says that he’s just an Uncle Tom out hustlin’ for Whitey, that should still win 70% of the vote in her area. (no matter what she does, no matter how much she steals) I wish I could say that there was a chance that black voters will vote against Democrats like her someday, but I don’t see any evidence that will happen in our lifetimes.