Aug 31 2010

Murkowski Concedes To Palin-Backed, Tea Party Candidate

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If there is any doubt that the political tsunami is large, deep and able to consume anyone the Alaska Senate GOP primary is a wake up call. How can big-government dems think they could survive when this wave is taking out GOP incumbents at an incredible rate. Today the latest victim of the Political Industrial Complex succumbed:

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski conceded her Senate primary race Tuesday to a political newcomer backed by former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Murkowski made the concession speech Tuesday night, a full week after the primary.

Good for Murkowski, who was bestowed her seat by her father in a unforgivable moment of nepotism. I am sure Lisa Murkowski is a good person, but she needed to earn the voters’ support. She almost made it, but fell short. She can try again – my old school mate Begich is right for the picking in a few years. And this time she can earn it. Her career is not over.

But understand something DC. We don’t come to praise DC, we come to put it back in its constitutionally defined BOX! All those Dems who are in denial about their future – take notice. The wave is so high it is taking out GOP incumbents – and as many Dems as it can wash out to sea.

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  1. Frogg1 says:

    I love this line:

    “The wave is so high it is taking out GOP incumbents – and as many Dems as it can wash out to sea.”

    I hope the tea party candidate wins the primary in DE next.

  2. WWS says:

    Sarah Palin knocked off Daddy Murkowski in the 2006 governor’s race – I’ve always suspected that a lot of the in-state harassment of Sarah Palin was publicly advanced by the Dems but privately supported by the Murkowski’s and their allies. I think she’s suspected that, too – which is why she just returned the favor.

    Oh, how they must hate her now! But too late, they took their best shot and she’s still standing – They’re not!!!

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Now, take that, Eric Cantor for indicating that if the Republicans get back the House, he would work to lift the moratorium on earmarks.

    Eric, you do NOT lift the moratorium on the earmarks. Elections like Miller’s are a good sign that it’s time for you to be serious in restoring our honor and America!

    Murkowksi indicates that she is exploring other options but it’s time for her to take a long vacation. We don’t need her to do another Tancredo or Perot.

    I am not surprised that the liberal elites inside Beltway 8 have gotten richer while we’re getting poorer.

    Will a massive tidal wave put a damper on the lame duck session to the point that Reid and Pelosi will not be able to get the votes to pass another massive legislation? What about when Congress goes back to WDC in a few weeks?

    It is so amazing that no matter how hard the liberals hit Palin, Palin not only comes back, she comes back stronger than ever!

  4. WWS says:

    One of the really fascinating side stories of this election is that Mitch McConnell (senate minority leader) has been kneecapped by the tea party this year, as this redstate article indicates:

    “Consider this inside baseball fact: McConnell has chosen as his loyal lieutenants at the leadership table Robert Bennett (R-UT), Judd Gregg (R-NH), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX).”

    Gregg – retiring this year. (remember he was asked to be part of the Obama administration, but he wisely turned that down)

    Bennett – defeated by the Tea Party

    Murkowski – defeated by the Tea Party

    Hutchison – lost Texas Governor’s primary, retiring in 2012

    McConnell also supported his loyal protege Grayson in Kentucky, but he was knocked off by Rand Paul.

    Let’s hope McConnell is learning a lesson from all of this.

    “Consider another fact: Conservatives, led by Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin, are potentially creating the most conservative Senate Republican Conference in the last thirty or so years: Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Pat Toomey will be joining Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and David Vitter.”

  5. tarpon says:

    It will still take more, probably three cycles.

  6. Mike M. says:

    WWS brings up a good point. Jim DeMint understands that business as usual will NOT play this time around. The public wants the Federal Monster chopped down to size.

    McConnell can either get with the program or get another job.

  7. dhunter says:

    Coburn or DeMint need to take the gavel from McConnell. He held the GOP together in opposition of Obamas worst policies, but its time for the newly elected to wrest control of the ship from the hands of the careerist politicians and return it to the People! Business as usual will not overturn the policies the leftiists have put upon us against our will!

    The people are sendin new blood, reformers sick of the old ways of big spending and Federal decrees and they must teel the Good Old Boys to shut up or be gone next!

    And first day of the new year the new blood needs to enmass stand up and say to John McCain “sit down, shut-up and stay on your side of the isle, your just lucky you had no competition else you wouldn’t be here. Shut up and serve out your remaining term in grace, dignity and quietly!”


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  9. Fai Mao says:

    I would have come closer to quoting Shakespeare

    “We come not to praise Caesar (Big Government) but to bury it.”