Aug 29 2010

Liberals Are Off Track Again

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Update: My favorite Palin line was this: “I must assume that you too know that we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want. We must restore America and restore her honor!” That will be the rallying cry for this fall. How any moron on the left could criticize Palin as she recounted the sacrifice of those 4 Navy Seal in 2005 is beyond me. The left has become the antithesis of American honor and tolerance. Their insecurity driven hate has made them bitter and bleak. They have imploded due to their own fear driven hate – all because they cannot accept honorable and selfless opposition.

We did not want or need transformational change. We did not want a far left country. And now we have to come together to put back together what the Democrats destroyed. BTW, Doc Zero at Hot Air also has a good take on this weekend’s events.

Update: Reader Lurker9876 noted some very similar posts/articles out today. One is from Pajama’s Media which mirrors my own assessment the left is just reinforcing the fact they are out of touch and need to be removed from power. The other is surprisingly from the AP, who rings the warning bell about November in a very balanced way. Sarah Palin’s remarks (and video) are up on her Facebook page as well. From what I saw of the Sunday morning ‘news’ shows the left is in full panic mode, trying to save the Dems from destruction. Too late for that – end update

I missed the big Beck brouhaha down on the mall due to a long scheduled family outing. Looks like he and Sarah Palin attracted a huge crowd as usual (forget the CBS estimate of 87,000 – that was a huge underestimate). I have got to read transcripts or see video, because the handwringing and insults flying from the liberal media sources is clearly a sign of panic and mindless lashing out – and completely inaccurate.

This reaction to the rally is actually emphasizing what has been wrong in DC and with the far left for two years now. Beck’s rally and the people who follow him are NOT the issue in this election. I am not even a fan of Beck’s (I can take him in one month doses, after that his preachy schtick gets on my nerves). I probably agree with him on most things, though on details I will beg to differ. He is an alarmist and I demand proof before I go out and make accusations (something crazy adherence to the assumption of innocence until proven guilty).  But at his core he is well meaning and appears to be trying to do what is right. His followers are clearly good people of good will. He is not evil, that much is for certain.

Palin is even less of a problem for me. I actually find her straight and simple views quite refreshing. I like people who just say what they want without caveats or hidden trap doors they can reverse themselves through later. Her following is enormous and comes straight out of middle American families. She has proven the media is scared shitless of her and react with unfounded fear and loathing. It has never been a bad reflection on her, but on the idiots she intimidates.

With all this, the left is going berserk this weekend! Some claimed the civil rights movement has been highjacked – which is nonsense. The civil rights movement is as American as 4th of July, and no race, political party or political organization owns the rights to it (got that Al?). All I see is Beck and Palin screeds, from an event that was meant to be uplifting and about American core values and roots. You can disagree on points, but there is no reason to go nuts over the event.

Have we forgotten the tops issues here? Have we forgot about how the liberal economic stimulus fantasy crashed and burned, extending the recession and possibly leading to a 2nd downward dip? Did we forget about the mind boggling $2.5+ trillion dollars of record deficit spending since Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been in control? Have we forgotten the endless failures of liberal successes from health care to world peace?

Liberal media and pols who attacks Beck, Palin, Angle, Buck, Rand, etc on personal issues are just reminders of how vacuous and worn out the liberal progressive brain trust is. Attacking these people is not creating a single job (though it is surely aimed at saving a bunch of jobs for failed liberal politicians and their staff). It is not getting our economy on track, lowering our deficit or bringing world peace. It is a self-centered screed from a movement that screwed up when they finally got to try everything they ever believed in. Reality slapped them down, and now they are trying to slap down honest, well meaning Americans.

Who needs any better reason to throw them out of power this fall? They can waste their time whining about how life is unfair on their own nickel.

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  1. bostinks2 says:

    They can waste their time whining about how life is unfair on their own nickel.

    It is time for Congress to defund leftist marxist social democrats and unions from any and all government hand outs and grants. Prior to Funding any NGOs, investigate principle officers and their agenda, mission statements. Determine the Organizations own effort(s) to gain capital for remaining in business. From what ever is granted a deduction from the grant should be imposed for all beaurocratic admin and investigation efforts.

    Its time they support themselves thru charity drives vice relying on taxpayers through congressional pet projects and special interests. i am sick of my money being wasted on ideology and programs/agendas i dont agree with.
    Through government waste and grant programs provides the means for advancing the marxist progressive liberal agenda, and what is really upsetting about this is, only thru government taxpayers can they survive…Government need not be the banker for communist, liberal, environmentalist, union organizations. They understand that securing private funding is hard work and requires efficiency that is beyond its ability.

  2. WWS says:

    I went to a Beck event a few months back, just to see what he was about. People who are church-goers shouldn’t be surprised, he’s basically just a long winded itinerant preacher, better than most. I’ve sat through an endless number of sermons that were far less entertaining than his are. (And yes, he doesn’t give talks, he preaches sermons) This is very firmly rooted in the American Protestant tradition – think of the country church tradition examined by Robert Duvall in “The Apostle.” (An excellent movie, btw, extremely true to life as I can say by having been to many of those places and known many of the people like those that were portrayed)

    I know enough history that I could catch a few things that Beck got wrong in his entertaining pseudo-history, but even those didn’t bother me so much. It was like hearing a really enthusiastic high school sophomore who had just discovered history was fascinating and who wanted his enthusiasm to rub off on everyone – so what if a few of his ideas are cracked? His heart’s in the right place, and I think that’s what those going to listen to him feel.

    My overall impression of Beck – and I want to make sure that no one thinks I am being pejorative here, because this is a term rooted deeply in American religious culture and history – Glenn Beck sees himself as an Apostle, just as Robert Duvall’s character did, and that is very much in the American Tradition and in fact was extremely common throughout the 19th century. Whether consciously or unconsciously, he’s a throwback type, and his delivery works because that has always been a time honored method of moving the public. (Amazing that we modern types seem to have forgotten how effective it has always been)

    Billy Graham was another such Apostle, although his widespread acceptance came because he was careful to always stay in the mainstream and avoid political issues as much as possible. He came out of the Baptist movement, of course – Beck, coming out of the Mormon tradition has adopted the mannerisms of the more wild eyed, fire breathing folk preachers that we have had throughout our history. BUT – those guys always found an audience because they always had a point, and we may have ignored that message for so long that it’s time for it to make a big comeback.

    You sure can’t beat it by telling the people who go there that they are all stupid and uneducated and should just shut up and do what they’re told to do by their betters.

  3. lurker9876 says: – Beck rally signals election trouble for Dems – And they [liberals] still don’t get it.

    The main reason people went to the rally, facebook’s USstream of this rally had almost 130,000 viewers, and cspan’s viewing numbers not yet known. But I was watching CSPAN and reading the comments under this USstream.

    Glenn Beck’s speech is laden with God…bringing God back to our country. It was nonpartisan in both politically and religiously, color, gender, and race. This is directed to all religions, including Islam. This is directed to people of all colors and so on.

    The way this rally was done was brilliant. Starting with the introduction of the beginning of our country, then Sarah Palin’s tribute to the military, then Alveda’s to Martin Luther King, then to bringing God back to our country.

    As Glenn spoke a little about the country’s beginnings, he introduced a rabbi, a couple of American Indian tribes, and a pastor whose descendants came over on the Mayflower. This pastor opened the rally with the prayer.

    Alveda is bar none next to her uncle. She is such as great speaker…as good or better than her uncle. Watch her in the next few years. She was also flanked by two fantastic black singers and fantastic preachers, priests, and ministers of all colors.

    This is as neutral as bland water leaving no or little room for the liberal journalists to find fault with it. There definitely was more than 87,000 people there and there is an aerial photo disproving that number.

    This rally has taken the momentum away from the Democrats and they know it. They know that they’re losing America and the Americans. They know that progressive movement just got a huge slap in the face and a major setback. There simply are too many Americans to overcome this progressive movement.

  4. kathie says:

    It was interesting to watch the after coverage. Geraldo had both Rev. Al and Alveda on at the same time. Rev wanted to say bad things soooooo badly, but really couldn’t because of Alveda. It was amusing to watch. Geraldo thought Beck was very good, couldn’t find a bad thing to say. Alveda ignored Rev. Al and did what her Uncle would have done and spoke positively. Well done.

  5. owl says:

    Geraldo couldn’t help himself and kept saying a Beck/Palin ticket. Always trying to stir it up to help the Dims. Alveda was wonderful and such a lady (reminded me of Laura Bush).

  6. lurker9876 says:

    AJ, One of your updates reminded me of something that I forgot to mention here.

    wws, Glenn may be wrong on historical facts but at least he is MORE right than our school books. 🙂 He’s learning and teaching us along the way. Why are the Americans today so hungry for this kind of teaching if you say this was commonplace only twenty years or thirty ago or so? Is it because the Americans failed to make the connection between Judeo-Christian values and the founding principles that formed this government? Until they saw what Obama and his Democrats began to fundamentally transform our country towards socialism?

    Glenn’s speech at this rally was focused heavily on this portion of the Declaration of Independence. Right now, he’s saying that this is his favorite part of the Declaration of Independence:

    “And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

    Firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence after spending several weeks talking about “Divine Providence (rule of law) versus Manifest Destiny (rule of man)” on his radio and talk shows was the main theme of his speech.

    I thought in the beginning that this rally is going to be grossly misinterpreted and misunderstood by both sides. This may turn out to be correct.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Go back and re-read the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence and one shouldn’t be surprised at the name of the rally, “Restoring Honor”…

    We mutually pledge to each other…”Our sacred honor.”

    How can we separate religion from government without creating a theocracy, in spite of Thomas Jefferson’s famous Danbury letter?

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  9. Fai Mao says:

    You ought to see how negatively this event is being portraited in Asia.

    The greatest sin of the dying network media is that they are ones picked up by local media around the world. It is still See-BS that tell people in in other countries what to think about the US.

    I cannot wait for them to go bankrupt.

  10. WWS says:

    I want to be clear that I like Beck and support what he’s doing, I really do. I went to one of his rallies a few months back and I enjoyed myself and I understood his message. But he’ll get going good and about every 20 minutes or so, he’ll pop in a mistake so cringe-worthy that you want to put your face in your hands. But then he’ll get back on track. I hope he can continue to improve, because these little glitches are things that his enemies could use to attack him – but of course, they would have to listen to him carefully, as I did, to even notice them. I’m deliberately not going to be any more specific than this, because that would be to degrade Beck the Movement by attacking the small errors of Beck the man.

    Beck the man is not as important to me as Beck the Movement. He’s fulfilling a useful role in our ongoing Passion Play at this point in time, and he’s made himself a focal point for a lot of the building energy that’s out there. As long as he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and doesn’t start to think it’s about him (and so far he’s steered clear of that, to his great credit) then he’ll continue to do well.

    I’m not going to say anything more specific about my complaints because those are just things that can be used by the left to criticize him, and by extension, us. I had made some notes during the talk I went to, but I threw them away. The main reason I wish he would clean this stuff up is that it’s an easy avenue of attack for his enemies. Luckily the left is too intellectually challenged to even notice any of this, and I’m not going to be the one to help them out.

  11. dhunter says:

    The community organizer dodged a question on people believing him to be Muslim by saying he can’t wear his birth certificate on his forehead.

    For a guy who says he’s not one he sure acts like one!

    Taxpayer monies to Muslim organizations under investigation for funneling money to terrorist organizations?