Aug 18 2010

Call Us Bigots In August, But Beg For Our Votes In November

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Alternate Title: Mosque Madness

The vast Political Industrial Complex (PIC) on the left has gone stark raving mad.

The latest sign of madness comes over the self proclaimed Ground Zero Mosque (GZM). The location of the GZM is integral to the developer’s plans, as is the now notorious debate on which is the more American position: the memory of the victims of 9-11 or a developer’s greed. A super majority of Americans want the mosque moved and disconnected from Ground Zero. The backers want just the opposite.

And the left has come into the debate with an adolescent’s grasp of the world and similar diplomatic skills. For the left this is bigots versus the pure (them, as always, are cast as ‘the pure’ in their Walter Mitty minds).

Here is a run down of the holier-than-thou left bringing America together over this issue:

Courage in the Face of Bigotry
Ignore Bigots, Build the Mosque
No one but bigots would notice mosque
Reverse bigotry
Spencer: New York mosque spurs name-calling
GOP Bigotry, Democratic Cowardice

I could go on and on, but just search for “bigot + mosque” and you can see the  madness. Hot Air has MSNBC’s madness on video.

What is amazing about this meltdown on the far left who they are attacking – everyone else in America! Pelosi is calling for investigations into GZM opponents, does that mean the Speaker is going to investigate the Senate Majority Leader? Are all those independents and Dems siding with American on the LOCATION of the mosque now going to be run out of the Democrat Party? Will the left purge themselves of these bigots like Reid?

It’s nuts, but these lunatics think they can call us bigots in August and beg for our votes in November

And they won’t have a damn clue as to why they don’t get the votes!

This disaster has completely unraveled the left, and the Dems will pay at the polls for these insults thrown at the 65-70% of America who oppose the location of the GZM.

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  1. CatoRenasci says:

    The Democrats and the Left have truly jumped the shark with their reaction to opposition to the GZM.

  2. WWS says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head again – do they really believe that the way to change people’s minds about something is to scream at them and call them morally inferior cretins?

    This is the left, cutting loose, and finally admitting to themselves that all they want is a chance to feel superior to everyone else, even if that means their own political destruction. They truly do not care about the consequences of their actions to anyone, including themselves. It’s all about how they feel, and what’s really coming out right now is just how much they hate (and have always hated) the common people who are the backbone of America.

    Of course since I want conservatives to win, and win big this November, it’s getting hard not to laugh uncontrollably at what Obama has just done to his party! In your mind, bo back in time 6 months, and ask yourself: if you wanted to come up with an issue, any issue, which by itself would be so outrageously offensive and stupid that it, by itself, would mean the instant political suicide of any politician or party which supported it, what would you pick? Think of an issue so toxic that it would cause *everyone* to not only oppose them on this issue, but that would cause even former supporters to question their judgment on *everything*?

    Could you possibly have come up with any idea that guaranteed self-destruction which was WORSE than saying “Hey, I know what! Let’s build a Mosque at Ground Zero!!!” And to top it off, then get that party to have all of it’s partisans start screaming at average Americans as to how stupid they all are?

    And then to do all of this just 80 days before the most important election in DECADES????


  3. Here is a very good reason to doubt a Left of center political backlash in 2012 after a big 2010 Republican victory:

    Peter Beinart:
    So let’s stop sneering when Dick Morris comes on TV. The behavior of today’s Democratic pols must have made him proud. And it’s time for New Yorkers to stop talking haughtily about the prejudices of flyover country. According to Fox, 30 percent of Americans support building the mosque near Ground Zero. In New York City, according to Marist, it’s 34 percent. That, evidently, is the margin of blue state decency. Turns out that when push comes to shove, folks in the Big Apple are about as concerned about the rights of Muslims as folks in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Who says we’re a nation divided, that we can’t find common ground? Almost a decade later, we’ve finally done it: The memory of September 11 has brought us together again.

    That sort of Leftist contempt does not sell in general elections and Leftists feeling that way don’t show up to Democratic primaries, let alone general elections, in any case.

  4. >This is the left, cutting loose, and finally admitting to
    >themselves that all they want is a chance to feel superior to
    >everyone else, even if that means their own political
    >.destruction. They truly do not care about the consequences of
    >their actions to anyone, including themselves.

    The American Left is not a monolith and irrational regimes become more so under pressure. ™

    Remember the following template:

    1) Regimes care about power – maintaining their own, and reducing that of potential threats, and all threats are internal.

    2) Money, for regimes, is only a vehicle for power. Real economics don’t matter outside of internal irrational regime faction power calculations.

    3) Regimes are also institutions, with interests and behavior different from the individuals and factions which comprise them.

    4) Individuals & factions influence institutions to greater or lesser degrees, but institutions always, always have interests and behavior different from their individual components.

    5) This means there is always a power game of “Who is more nutball than thou” being played within the regime for power.

    6) This game of “Who is more nutball than thou” shows itself in acts that are the most offensive to the outside world symbolic acts, that further the power interests of one or more irrational factions at the expense of the larger national interest.

    7) Experts, even and especially experts in irational regimes also make “… the common mistake of thinking that the area of your expertise is all there is to worry about,” i.e. the world outside their area of expertese is not real to them.

    Apply that functional political behavior template to the politics of Ground Zero Islamist Victory Mosque and it is all very…well not logical…but at least predictable.

  5. Aitch748 says:

    The reaction of the Left reminds me a little of somebody who’s always been a bit spiteful to other people, holds grudges, thinks about getting even with people — then gets word that he’s going to be dead in three months, so he says “to hell with consequences” and starts letting loose with every hateful thought that crosses his mind. He’ll burn every bridge that connects him with other people, but at this point he doesn’t care, because right now he just feels liberated.

    I don’t know for a fact that that’s what’s motivating these people, but it sure feels like it. They’ve surely come to accept by now that they’re almost certainly going to lose in November, and they sure don’t seem to be acting like people hoping to win us over.

  6. Paul from Boston says:

    Its remarkable. The Israelis wanted to build some apartment buildings in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and caused international outrage, but it’s OK to build a triumphalist, Cordoba Mosque, at GZ. I think I see a pattern here …

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  8. WWS says:

    Good points, Trent. This reaction is irrational, but predictable. And once Obama went all-in on the Mosque (even though he tried to walk it back later) it was a signal to the Legions of the Faithful that they had to go All-In as well. Which they did.

    And now, to get out of the trap, they would all have to admit that They Were Wrong. Easy for a rational person, impossible for the irrational idealogue. They are locked on to a track of destruction that they cannot break free of, even though they know exactly where it leads. They have to choose between survival and ideology, and for irrational people the choice is obvious. Ideology and pride always win.

    And Aitch, I sense the same feeling you do. It makes me think of Stephen Slater – once he decided to quit, he couldn’t just walk off the plane like a reasonable person would. He HAD to get on the intercom and scream “F*** YOU!!! F*** YOU ALL!!!!”
    before he left. Of course it was stupid, but it made him feel so good! And who knew when he would get the chance again?

    But you put the finger on the backdrop to all of this – not only do Dem’s know they are going to lose big, they have already accepted and internalized this. And rather than try to change anything, they are going to vent their rage at Americans for failing to appreciate their Great Wisdom and Moral Superiority.

    I can see this exchange happening in the near future:

    Obama: It’s you !!

    Palin: How are you gentlemen !!

    Palin: All your base are belong to us.

    Obama: What you say !!

    Palin: You have no chance to survive make your time.

    Palin: Ha ha ha ha …

  9. WWS says:

    blast from the past: what I was watching on the net 10 years ago:

  10. Wilbur Post says:

    This is what they always do. Anyone who disagrees with them on ANYTHING is a racist or a bigot or a Nazi or a conspirator or a (insert epithet here.) They did it on health-care deform, on the Porkulus, Crap and Charade, etc, etc. For a bunch of self-proclaimed elitist thinkers, it seems they can’t argue anything rationally, they have to resort to name calling and threats. And then they project their fascistic impulses on us. I think the country is being run by insane people.

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  13. owl says:

    I think they were snookered. Yep. Remember when Bush lied them into war (regardless of what half of them were saying long before they had W)? Justice just came round and hit them between the eyes. Some are true believers like Obama, but many are crooked politicians that just got took for a ride.

    His actions confirm in my mind what I thought all along. Not just Soros but bigger. He accomplished a lot in 18 months and didn’t give a fig about the Dims. I think his slip is showing.

    I quit caring about being called a bigot and racist some time ago. I refuse to give them the power over common sense just to escape their names.

    I won’t be happy until MSM is dead and buried. It’s the only power they have in elections.

  14. ivehadit says:

    The Pathology of Liberalism by Joan Swirskey. A great read which really explains it all.

    And honestly, does any of us think the radical libs have ANY principles? It’s ALL about power and nothing else. Read Joan’s article…they’re stuck at 6-12 years old, she explains.

    And lol, the spin they are using is making my head, uh, spin. They are tripping all over themselves!

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  16. This is the Belmont Club’s advice, and Richard Fernandez is entirely correct.

    “The good news for critics is that they appear to have hit upon an issue which, for reasons that are not entirely clear, Obama, Pelosi and Bloomberg feel compelled to defend, if not reluctantly then at least with a measure of desperation. It is almost as if their fists are in a monkey trap.
    Those who are opposed to the mosque should take the cue to pour on the coal.
    So far as I can tell the hostility they feel toward the politicians who have advanced and continue to defend this affront are entirely spontaneous. An increasing number of people don’t need to be paid to feel antipathy towards the likes of Pelosi. They’ll do it for free.”

    I’m waiting for Sara Palin or some other Republican notable politician like Senator Cornyn (R-TX) to show up to the September 11th Ground Zero protests against the Muslim Victory Mosque, and propose a “Ground Zero Historic Battlefield” initiative that would Federalize and take over zoning from NY City government, then rezone the Cordoba initiative out of existance.

    That would be a cultural/political monkey trap on crystal meth.

    See this link for the full post: