Feb 23 2006

Fitzgerald Case Crumbling

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Fitzgerald’s ridiculous case against Scooter Libby is falling apart under the assault of sharp legal minds.  First we have an incredible shredding of Fitzgerald’s positions by Clarice Feldman over at American Thinker.  Once you read this you just have to wonder what was Fitzgerald thinking when he indicted Libby for not telling reporters the inside knowledge he had, and for sharing those conversations with the FBI and grand jury.  For not leaking and for telling why he did not leak Fitzgerald created a flimsy case out of thin air!

Now we learn (hat tip Instapundit) that Fitzgerald’s entire magical mystery tour is probably the most illegal act of this entire silly charade.

Too funny.

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  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Sorry to put this in the comments, but I’m finding that the RSS feed for “entries” is sending out just the comments. No new posts. Didn’t see any other place to send a message to AJ.

    As for Fitzgerald….this is becoming more and more hilarious every day. The gang that can’t shoot straight!!