Jul 28 2010

The Cratering Presidency

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Playing endless rounds of golf and playing with our health care have not endeared our young and inexperienced president to the American people. So much so his approval ratings continue to slide, pulling down the entire Democrat political industrial complex with him. This snapshot of the RCP presidential approval index is quite enlightening:

There are a questionable data points in the mix – those polls of adults. Let’s look at the gap by sample class. In the “Adult” group we find [-3, 0, -3, +4] an average of -0.5%.  This means even in the very left-leaning sample of adults Obama’s presidency is teetering on the brink. But when we look at voters (likely and registered) we see [-12, -4, -5] an average of -7%. To be more precise we can see with voters Obama’s approval is sitting around 44%, while his disapproval is sitting around 51%. No politician can implement anything once a majority of the voters disapprove of them. If this trend holds, Obama has become a lame duck, one term disaster.

But of course I don’t think these numbers will hold. I don’t think the Dems and Obama have  hit rock bottom yet.

BTW, if you look at today’s RCP generic congressional ballot the average (which is mostly registered voters with one ‘adult’ sample and two ‘likely’ samples) is +3.3%.  But if you pull out the two likely voters samples alone the average jumps to +9%. If that likely-voter number stays where it is – or gets worse – in November the damage to the Democrat party will be generational in nature.

Sort of like the damage they have been doing to our economy and debt – generational.

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  1. Wilbur Post says:

    Hopenchange catches fire then crashes and burns. Burn baby, burn.