Feb 21 2006

Kill The Unwanted

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What are these ‘people‘ thinking, if I can call them ‘people’:

A health official in the Netherlands has called for a debate on the idea of forced abortion and contraception to deal with what she sees as a crisis of unwanted children.

Alderman Marianne van den Anker of the Leefbaar Rotterdam Party wants specifically to target communities of Antilleans and Arubans where she sees the biggest problems of unwanted children.

Is anyone in the Netherlands thinking what Islamicist would do with such a concept? The soul shudders in revulsion.

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  1. clintsf says:

    This in a country that has to import (without even attempting to assimilate) young people from the Islamic world to fill their workforce??

    (Sorry — I know the civil liberties, racial and, well, just plain bloodthirsty aspects of this are the more outrageous… it’s just that I could understand amorality and bigotry. What’s so bizarre is the impossibility of finding any rational place from which this makes the slightest bit of sense.)