Jul 09 2010

It’s Not Yours To Give Me, It Is Mine Already!

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Peggy Noonan is on a tear today. This is the must read article of the summer, especially this line:

When Rep. Brian Baird went before his constituents in Clark County, Wash., on Aug. 18, he was met by this speech from a young man in the audience: “I heard you say that you are going to let us keep our health insurance. Well thank you! It’s not your right to decide whether I keep my current plan or not, that’s my decision.” The constituent got cheers.

That about sums up the whole thing right there. DC promising to let us keep what is already ours. The article notes the seminal moment when the Democrats began their war with America:

It was a largely self-generated uprising, and it was marked, wherever it happened, in San Diego or St. Louis, by certain common elements. The visiting senator or representative, gone home to visit the voters, always seemed shocked at the size of the audience and the depth of his constituents’ anger. There was usually a voter making a videotape in the back of the hall. There were almost always spirited speeches from voters. There was never, or not once that I saw, a strong and informed response from the congressman. In one way it was like the Iranian revolution: Most people got the earliest and fullest reports of what was happening on the Internet, through YouTube. Voters would take shaky videos on their cellphones and post them when they got home. Suddenly, over a matter of weeks, you could type in “town hall” and you’d get hundreds, and finally thousands, of choices.

The politicians, every one of them, seemed taken aback—shaken and unprepared.

Well, wait until they see what happened in NJ, VA and MA happening in every race across the country. Last fall and winter Americans were not nearly as angry as they are right now. In 1994, when the Democrats veered left and were march out of DC, two things were very different from 2010. First off, the shift to the left was not as hard back then. And America had a sparkling and magical economy to hold back some of the anger. I still say 1994 will be a fond memory for the Dems once this is all said and done.

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  3. Rick C says:

    The Town Hall meeting were so unsuccessful for the politicians, that they have no moved to a “hide the button” strategy: Do not speak to constituents unless you are absolutely sure they are on your side.

    My guy was Robert Wexler. He held one town hall meeting, sponsored by the the SEIU in a small venue, and the SEIU was responsible for handing out tickets. What kind of a crowd do you suppose Wexler got?

    We have devolved into government by deceit, deception, trickery and now by evasion.

  4. momdear1 says:

    You are missing the biggest news story of the day. The Justice dept.’s dropping the charging against those New Black Panthers in the Philadelphia Voter Intimidation Case. Even fox News is not reporting that the New Black Panthers are the enforcement arm of Louis Farakan’s Nation of Islam. Back in Clinton’s heyday, it was reported in the Wall
    Street Journal that Donna Shelala’s Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) had given “Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Army” $16 million to provide “security” and teach self esteem classes in public housing projects. There was no hue and cry about separation of church and state, nor was any questions raised about paying known militant radicals and assuring them access to our most vulnerable young people, so they could recruit new adherants to their cause. If there was ever any question that Obama’s true religion is Islam, this should dispel it. What happened in this case is a portent of what those now in chage of our government have in store for the rest of us “crackers.” Our people are being willingly led to the slaughter and the sad thing is that most of them have been brainwashed into thinking they have it coming.

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  6. ivehadit says:

    Excellent post, Mom!

  7. kathie says:

    It is not yours any more if Obama says so. Inorder for the government to give those who don’t have insurance, for what ever reason, the rest of us must loose what is our, what we have chosen, what we have paid for. That is the secret that the President has known all along. He lied and we loose.

    I wish I could describe to you how helpless, how angry I feel to be a senior citizen, no prospects of employment and at the mercy of a government. I don’t want to live for ever, nor would I sell my home to pay medical bills, but I want it to be my choice, not some Obamacrat sitting in Washington DC. I must say I detest this government.

  8. kathie says:

    Momdear………NEW BLACK PANTHER PRESIDENT PRAISES BIN LADEN, 2002, Bin Laden is a Muslim, so are the Panthers, we can all put two and two together. The question is, who does our Presidents support? I never thought I would have to ask that question, and sadly I think I know the answer.