Feb 20 2006

Democrats Want To Lead Retreat

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Never a party to miss an opportunity to screw themselves, the Democrats are planning to offer America a plan for dealing with the war on terror and Iraq: Full Retreat

After months of trying unsuccessfully to develop a common message on the war in Iraq, Democratic Party leaders are beginning to coalesce around a broad plan to begin a quick withdrawal of US troops and install them elsewhere in the region, where they could respond to emergencies in Iraq and help fight terrorism in other countries.

Oh those mindless liberal democrats. US forces to be moved to new locations, just so they have to pick up and support the Iraqis when needed. Sort of like they are doing now…..

And with US troops in other nations, that will quell the radical islamic unrest, who would NEVER consider using this redistribution of troops to claim the US is intent on imperial conquest of the region.

The Democrats are showing exactly how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they decide to cut and run after all the hard work is done and what we have left to do is stand up Iraq security forces and makes sure the democratic government is stable enough to take root.

The concept, dubbed ”strategic redeployment,” is outlined in a slim, nine-page report coauthored by a former Reagan administration assistant Defense secretary, Lawrence J. Korb, in the fall. It sets a goal of a phased troop withdrawal that would take nearly all US troops out of Iraq by the end of 2007, although many Democrats disagree on whether troop draw-downs should be tied to a timeline.

The concept should be called “Idiotic Grasping”, as Democrats try to develop a policy based on polling and focus groups. All I can think of is that scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail when Arthur and his nights race from the castle walls yelling “run away”!

The Pytthon’s Grail quest is an apt analogy. The Holy Grail for Democrats is beating Bush, but they are so obsessed with this goal surrender and retreat sounds reasonable if it would boost them a few points in the polls.

The Democrat are the party of whiners (couldn’t wait 18 hours for details of a hunting accident), quitters (they been trying to surrender Iraq to Bin Laden for going on 3 years now!) and the terminally confused (NSA catching terrorist in America-bad, FISA protecting terrorist communications in America – good).

So the Democrat plan for 2006 is to surrender to Al Qaeda and Impeach Bush for starting this whole ‘justice for 9-11’ mess. Well, I did give them a head start on their 2006 policy goals!


More from Mac Ranger on this silly idea.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Want To Lead Retreat”

  1. BurbankErnie says:

    “nine-page report coauthored by a former Reagan administration assistant Defense secretary, Lawrence J. Korb, in the fall.”

    Ever notice how the MSM and the Dems NEED to put a Republican into anything they try pushing regarding National Security?

    Everyone knows the Dems cannot push through ANYTHING without attaching a Repub name to it.

  2. Oldcrow says:

    I notice they don’t state were exactly our troops would be redeployed to. This is Murtha’s plan with Korb’s name attached to it. This is the plan “redeploy” read withdrawal all troops from Iraq back to Germany, Korea and the U.S. and keep a MEU(Marine expiditionary unit) floating around in the Gulf as a quick reaction force and you know if the Marines are ever used the DEMS will raise bloody hell. So what we have here is retreat and defeat part II. Do they honestly believe the American people and the Republicans are that stupid? They are going to get pounded in the election cycle if they make this their official party line and hey you know that is a good thing GO Howard Dean!