Feb 20 2006

Censorship For Cartoon Speech

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This is insane. Russia is closing down a newspaper because it ran a cartoon depicting the world’s major deities showing a shared concern over the violence?

We print irreverent cartoons, but a cartoon showing the word’s religions together closes down a newspaper?

The world is going mad. [hat tip Michelle Malkin]


Tigerhawk has a well thought out post on how to deal with asymmetrical tolerance (we tolerate them, they tolerate no one). I am not an ‘either-or’ person so I think the solution is a combination of Tigerhawk’s options one and two, with a resounding ‘no way, Jose’ on two and three. Opposition can mean a lot of things, including allowing and defending free speech outside countries afraid of it.

It has worked in China and will work with other closed societies since information flow is impossible to stop these days. Opposition does not mean violent confrontation.

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  1. Cartoon Madness Continues

    …this is exactly what is going to continue happening because media outlets refuse to take a stand for free speech and yield the floor to the militant Islamists who have exploited this issue to their benefit.