Jun 25 2010

The Beginning Of A Horrible Summer

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If anyone had hopes about this summer, the Gulf oil spill is clearly going to dash them.

Oil from the massive Gulf of Mexico spill reached the white sands of Pensacola in north-eastern Florida, forcing local authorities Thursday to close down area beaches to swimming at the height of summer.”There’s oil both in the water and in the sand,” said Warren Bielenberg, an official with the Gulf Islands National Seashore, one of the areas affected by the spill.

“There’s a double red flag, so it’s not permitted to swim,” he said.

This spill and the lack of response by the Obama administration will be felt economically across the nation, as well as just on a compassionate level seeing the toll of this mishandled tragedy. A tragedy compounded by a tragedy of bad decisions, inaction and incompetence.

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10 Responses to “The Beginning Of A Horrible Summer”

  1. WWS says:

    For a depressing but very accurate account of the economic choices ahead of us this summer, read this:


    In other news, what amazes me is that the very Obama-like Australian PM Kevin Rudd, the liberal star of Oz-land for the last 3 years, was just unceremoniously kicked out of office in what amounts to an in-party palace coup.

    And no one in this country seems to have noticed – certainly not the MSM!

    What’s really interesting is that it appears to have been his new tax policy and his playing around with Global Warming legislation that got him the boot. It’s time like this where I wish we had a system where a man can go from being Dear Leader to insignificant backbenching legislator overnight – which is what just happened to Rudd.

  2. ~AV~ says:

    The summer could have been saved, had Obama’s administration and his MMS folks addressed the evolving problem when it came to light on February 13th.

    Instead, they chose to ignore common sense engineering and was preparing a SAFETY Award to be given in May to BP.

    When will the media dive in and get back to WHAT was known by the government agencies back in February…and why was BP and Transocean allow to continue with the doomed plan?

  3. mbabbitt says:

    People wanted someone who spoke well. They sort of got that. They forgot about experience, management skills, common sense, selfless devotion to the country. You know, the serious stuff. And we are all suffering from the election of a Savant-idiot.

  4. kittymyers says:

    But Obama DID do something; he keeps thwarting Jindal’s efforts to build sand berms to keep the oil away from the shore.

  5. scaulen says:

    Has any one done a google searches on the oil spill and have been getting images of every other oil spill then the one going on now?

  6. Neo says:

    Let’s just cut to the chase … it’s all Bush’s fault .. it must be.

    I’m still amazed that the enviros have been so silent.


  7. smill1953 says:

    well, it’s mostly accurate, anyway…

    “Oil from the massive Gulf of Mexico spill reached the white sands of Pensacola in north-eastern Florida…”

    Pensacola is in northwestern Florida.

  8. sbd says:

    Do you know what “Ponies and Balloons” means to BP in the Gulf?

    According to the video link above, “Ponies and Balloons” means that some Government Official is coming to the area so all assets must be deployed. As soon as the official leaves, the assets are reduced by 75%.

  9. ~AV~ says:

    SBD (is that for silent but deadly?)

    anyhoooo…shouldn’t it be “Balloons and Ponies” B P?