Jun 08 2010

BOTUS Barks On Gulf Oil Spill

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Barack of the United States (or Bully of the United States) is now mad.

Barking mad. The BOTUS got on some liberal news media interview and attempted to show his laser like focus on the Gulf oil spill. Pathetically, all he showed was his depth of incompetence. See, he talked to fishermen last month because they are experts in oil recovery, or something, and they could explain to him what to do about the spill ….

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H/T Allah Pundit – and I share his basic response: pathetic. Here’s the full quote:

Full POTUS quote: “I was down there a month ago, before most of these talkin’ heads were even paying attention to the gulf. A month ago I was meeting with fishermen down there, standin’ in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this could be. and I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.”

As I said before, President Obama and his team are in over their heads. They have no clue what to do. They failed to support Governor Jindal’s effort to build sand bars to protect the fragile LA coast. They did not activate the burn off plan (which would produce a fraction of pollutants compared to those Icelandic volcanoes), he did not engage international help. Basically he has just tried to look busy, what with two vacations and something like 4 golf trips (sorry, BOTUS, that is the wrong kind of ‘golf’).

The result has been the correct public perception that the federal response to the Gulf was worse than for Katrina (which of course is incorrect, since Katrina by law was a state led response).

A month and a half after the spill began, 69 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll rate the federal response negatively. That compares with a 62 negative rating for the response to Katrina two weeks after the August 2005 hurricane.

Want an ass to kick? Kick your own BOTUS. Everyone is trying to stop this disaster. It just is not easy to solve. However, sitting around talking to fishermen is not the answer, that much I am sure of. And finding some poor ass to kick is not solving the problem either. Either lead or get out of the way.

This is not an isolated incident. BOTUS has been a failure on the economy and job growth too, as was well discussed on the Scarborough show (H/T Ed Morrissey):

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Everyone knows the liberals did not do anything more than throw together some mindless pork spending and call it a stimulus bill, as Morrissey notes:

The stimulus was a collection of short-term minor stimuli, combined with liberal hobby horses that Democrats had ridden for twenty years.

The spending from Democrats over the last three-plus years had also made it worse.  We’re approaching a debt level of 100% of GDP, and that portends disaster.

We did not see a recovery plan, instead we saw a naive attempt to bleed the economy of greedy ills. It was a witch doctor’s attempt at modern economic intervention and it is killing the patient.

America knows better. They see that the source of these disasters is centered in DC and the liberals now in control of the federal government.

The national survey shows that 29 percent of Americans now say they are inclined to support their House representative in November, even lower than in 1994, when voters swept the Democrats out of power in the that chamber after 40 years in the majority.

There was no plan then, there is no plan now. And in the fall we will throw the bums out (hopefully never to see their kind in charge ever again). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Update: Seems Americans want ANYONE BUT an incumbent this year

Look at those independent numbers my friends – that is stunning! My guess is this sentiment spans the entire political industrial complex, talking heads, news media, everyone.

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20 Responses to “BOTUS Barks On Gulf Oil Spill”

  1. oneal lane says:

    I love it “BOTUS” perfect description.

  2. WWS says:

    agreed – The Bogus BOTUS. Perfect!

    and he sounds like a robot trying to lamely read the words “whose ass to kick” off his traveling teleprompter. And not some Terminator robot, more like a dainty C3PO trying to pretend he’s tough – until someone says “BOO!!!!” and he starts bowing and scraping again!

  3. Neo says:

    I’ve always noticed that Democrats tend to throw “shit at the wall” to see what will stick, then blame somebody (not themselves) for what doesn’t (you broken it, not me). Republicans like to more often have some sort of plan going in (you broke it, you bought it) because the blaming at the end is always pointless.

  4. KauaiBoy says:

    Bobo has never kicked anyone or anything’s ass and is not about to start now. I am sure the chaps at BP are shaking in their knickers. But this is the type of parenting dems understand — when good order and discipline break down start acting tough, problem is once you don’t back it up you are destined to be walked over. Yes indeed, the Cyborg in Chief was never programmed for this.

  5. Mike M. says:

    I’m still waiting for the full-fledged public temper tantrum. Which I bet will happen by the end of July.

    Obama has NO idea of just how badly foreign policy is about to blow up in his face.

  6. “It’s not your patriotism we’re questioning, it’s your competence.”

    Ronald Reagan to Pres. Jimmy Carter, 1980 debates.

  7. Mike M. says:

    In Obama’s case, we no longer question. We KNOW he’s incompetent. He has proven it beyond all dispute.

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  10. lurker9876 says:

    The problem is that Obama will use the new Republican majority as the punching bag come November.

    Oh wait…Obama’s already doing it but he is rumored to hope for a new Republican majority to get what he needs for a re-election. He’s hoping that the Bill Clinton approach will work for him.

    Anyone noticed Obama’s hair has gotten more grey by now?

    Pelosi’s hecklings of this morning brings out another problem….Two Americas.

    A new Republican majority isn’t going to satisfy one of the two Americas unless we change the school curriculum that will teach our children the early American history…its truth and the only truth.

  11. Alert1201 says:

    Do not worry. The lawyers Obama is sending will have the well plugged soon.

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  13. Aitch748 says:

    Here’s what I see happening next year: The Republicans get swept into office; the Bush tax cuts expire on the first of the year; the economy collapses; and Obama IMMEDIATELY announces that the Republicans destroyed the economy.

    Because today’s Democrats ALWAYS make the problem worse and NEVER admit that they’ve done so.

  14. Hangtown Bob says:

    You suggest “Want an ass to kick? Kick your own BOTUS.”

    If he did, he would seriously injure his HEAD!!!

  15. Terrye says:

    These guys do not know what they are doing. Not even close.

  16. Terrye says:


    They might try to do that, but I will tell you something, I don’t think the public is buying that stuff anymore. If the Bush tax cuts expire, people will know what happened and why.

  17. >The problem is that Obama will use the new Republican
    >majority as the punching bag come November.

    I have a four word Republican counter-strategy:

    “Congressional testimony under oath.”

    Obama’s people are from Chicago.

    They have never faced a real partisan investigation of their finances under the color of law.

    The Obama/Holder DoJ Civil Rights Division alone is good for a great political theater over the Black Panther case.

    When real money is involved with things like ACORN and the Federal Census…

    …We will see a lot of jail time for people lying under oath and destroying federal records or financial documents related to spending federal money.

  18. Mike M. says:

    How about Congressional testimony under penalty of being turned over to Dick Cheney? 🙂

  19. kathie says:

    This is a must….the best I’ve read. Found at WSJ

    The Alien in the White House
    The distance between the president and the people is beginning to be revealed.


  20. Instead of linking to my latest post, here it is, in its’ entirety:

    Or, how an engineer and a politician approaches a problem…

    “Let’s work the problem people.”
    (~NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz, during the Apollo 13 crisis – 1970)

    “I want to know whose ass to kick!”
    (~President Barack Hussein Obama, during the gulf oil spill – 2010)