Jun 05 2010

The Fringe Right Raises Its Ugly Head, Makes Me A Proud Independent

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Conservatism must remain main stream and embrace the center of this nation if it is to survive. Otherwise it will go into madness like the liberals and progressives did during the first two years of the Obama administration. Sadly, a South Carolina primary election has proven once and for all why the survival of America and political parties is near the center of the voters, and not out on the fringe:

Knotts says he believed Haley has been set up by a network of Sikhs and was programmed to run for governor of South Carolina by outside influences in foreign countries. He claims she is hiding her religion and he wants the voters to know about it. “We got a raghead in Washington; we don’t need one in South Carolina,” Knotts said more than once. “She’s a raghead that’s ashamed of her religion trying to hid it behind being Methodist for political reasons.”… Knotts says he believes Haley’s father has been sending letters to India saying that Haley is the first Sikh running for high office in America. He says her father walks around Lexington wearing a turban. “We’re at war over there,” Knotts said. Asked to clarify, he said he did not mean the United States was at war with India, but was at war with “foreign countries.”

An excellent example of arrogant ignorance on display. Anne Coulter must be cringing in her little ignorant corner of the world this week. As Ed Morrissey noted:

So Haley’s family is Indian and we’re fighting Muslim jihadis, and … close enough, I guess?

Well its as close as this jackass can get, that is for sure. Thought beyond this is a stretch too far.

In addition to the rag-head comment there is also the continued gutter politics of Haley’s opponent Baur, who demands she make public emails to clear her of the charges of an affair Baur’s team as been throwing at her through a third party buffoon. Apparently the accusers don’t have any evidence of an affair, yet they still demand Haley prove them wrong. Idiots.

This is why we don’t want a large powerful and invasive federal government (nor state governments for that matter). There are always bad apples in large groups – statistics 101. These yahoos (and I come from proud redneck stock, make no mistake) are driven to this madness because they want power. They are willing to smear anyone to gain power. If we neuter the federal government, remove its power over other Americans unless duly necessary, then even if clowns like this persuade other clowns to give them a shot at screwing things up more, there will be limits on what they can do.

We need to reestablish the individual as the all powerful institution in America. We need to cut government and its cancerous organs (unions, etc,) down to size. It is our country after all. We need to protect this nation from fools like this.

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  2. lurker9876 says:

    At least Haley is the sensible and rational person. There are many conservative bloggers that are saying that until there’s evidence disproving her, they’re standing by Haley.

    Same here. As for the likes of Bauer, IF he was running in my state, my vote will go elsewhere. And I consider myself a conservative…at least a Jacksonian.

    There are always a portion of the conservative base that is a fringe. I don’t consider myself that part of the fringe.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Jerry Falwell, Jr., has been on Glenn Beck’s show a few times and I noticed how cautious he has been in his responses to questions presented to him.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Well, Redstate just had a post up about Knotts and it wasn’t a very nice post about him. The same post also is a staunch support of Haley.


  5. dbostan says:

    If fringe = stupid, I agree.
    Butt I smell, again, a tendency to blame the right, and equate with what it is not.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    dbostan, exactly! Take a look at Grover Norquist…aside from his position in supporting “immigration amnesty”, he considers himself a conservative but not part of this fringe.

    Folks, Manchard, Bauer, etc., are really stupid to play this smear campaign against Haley or anyone else.

  7. Layman says:

    Once again AJ proclaims his proud centrist independence by warning us right wing conservatives not to become too kooky. Got it. And AJ… back at ya!

    Bye and bye… The real reason I logged on today was to read your comments on the historic acheivement by Space-X. Getting the first Falocn 9/Dragon into orbit is a major tech breakthrough. Was sure you’d have some insights for us.

  8. han_solo says:

    Sorry, this guy does not sound like a real-conservative.

    He sounds like a idiot NEOCON.

    Real conservatives are not pro-war, pro-police-action, pro-nation-building, pro-sticking-our-noses in the worlds problems….real conservatives are for strong defense of the US, not interventionist foreign policies.

  9. Whippet1 says:

    It’s been a long time AJ. Not sure how I got back through or if you will even post this when you see it’s me…not cool, the quiet banning over disagreements. Public banning is much more condusive to the future of a site as yours since I believe openess and honesty are what you really do want.

    With that said…your compulsive need to continue to proudly display your Independent label is touching but so ironic considering Independents are primarily responsible for getting us to this point in the first place. Don’t forget that you admitted actually considering voting for this current disaster of a President… and I genuinely would like to know what it is about the so-called Independent mind that could be taken in by the likes of an Obama for even a few seconds?

    You and I agree on far more than we disagree and I believe that your heart and mind are far more conservative than you are willing to accept but I don’t think you are willing to explain why that is. What is going on in South Carolina is not a product of the “far right” or conservativism but what you admit…a quest for power. Every political ideology has it’s fringe and power hungry politicians…including Independents or middle-of-the roaders. To label a movement based on a few is absurd.

    As I have said before, the pendulum has swung hard left and it won’t land back in the center for quite some time. Are you willing to accept conservativism to begin the road back to the America we all know and love? Or is your hatred of the right greater than your hate for the left?

  10. Terrye says:

    I don’t think this is about right wing fringe so much as plain stupidity. The guy is an idiot, don’t blame other people for his bad behavior.

  11. Terrye says:


    I don’t think that all conservatives are exactly alike in all things. Some are fiscal conservatives and don’t really care a lot about social issues, some are more conservative on national security issues, etc. But some people on the right are just so far gone, they are all the around to left…look at Pat Buchanan’s and Ron Paul’s remarks about Israel here of late. And yet both of these men would probably consider themselves real conservatives with a libertarian bent…they do not think they are nuts.

    And a lot of center right people out there would like very much to vote for conservatives, but other conservatives need to let them disagree from time to time.

    I like Christie from N.J. and I think a lot of conservatives are very fond of the man. The other day I was looking at some comment thread and it was already starting…there were a few people saying Christie is too soft on immigration, he is not a true blue conservative.

    That is the problem. People self identify, and if they call themselves conservative then they do not need someone else telling them they are not the real deal. A lot of those middle of the roaders out there are actually center right and they will be far more likely to vote conservative given the choice…so don’t run them off.

  12. Terrye says:

    han solo:

    Does neo con mean Jew? You know what, you just described Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan and they are anti semite neo nazi isolationists. And as for interventionist foreign policy, what do you want to do..build a wall around the US? My God man if it were not for the US Navy there would not even be world trade. The Brits are not out there patrolling the seas anymore, the pirates would take it over without us. If not for the US being a leader in the world there would be more chaos, and more war, and more depressions, and more instability.

  13. Terrye says:

    I mean come on, was Ronald Reagan an isolationist? So was he a neocon? And was the decision he made to abandon Lebanon and Afghanistan to the terrorists the right onw? I respected Reagan, but one thing we learned then…people can complain about nation building all they want, but just abandoning a region does not mean there will be peace or that the people who take control there will be our friends or mean us well.

    We tried isolationism after WW1 and all it got us was WW2. And while I don’t agree with everything Reagan did, he understood that just caving to the Soviets or ignoring them, or turning our back to the world was not going to make us safe from their aggression. It is amazing to me how many people there are in the world who think they can do that ostrich thing…bury their head in the sand and hope no one sees them.

  14. BarbaraS says:

    This guy Knotts ( and his buddy, Marchant) is not representative of anyone but himself or themselves. He is trying to discredit an opponent to his choice of governor of South Carolina with made up stories. If he had any proof, that proof would be out there in public instead of him bloviating his total stupidity. This is dirty politics at its finest and these are the smear merchants and most likely skimmers of the top we need to get rid of in government. This guy looks like one of the old time sheriffs who threw their weight around in the movies and tv who had whole towns afraid to cross them. The fact that anyone, anyone at all, gives him a public forem for his ignorance is telling. This is the kind of guy the rest of the world think are average Americans and nothing could be further from the truth. Most Americans look at guys like this and wonder in amazement how they got this far in life without imploding.

  15. Frogg1 says:

    Conservatives are denouncing this idiot, Knotts, all over the place. He even has a primary challenger now that he made those comments. I am reading that Charlie Crist may be linked to fraud and money laundering. If it turns out so….would you paint all Independents as crooks? Be careful about generalizations. Keep in mind that back in 2006 State Senator Jake Knotts considered running for governor as an Independent. People like that are just flawed and shouldn’t represent any of us in politics. It is politicians like him that need to go.

    As far as Nikki Haley is concerned…..I’ve never seen a primary race like this one ever before. I hope I never see another like it either. Good grief!

  16. lurker9876 says:

    One of Ann Richards campaign was almost as nasty as this one! I forget who ran against her, though.

    And now we’re seeing Bill White doing the Al Gore thing with the military vote.

    Hope this one comes out.

    Frogg1, I agree. There ARE fringes all across the board and I would be very careful in generalizations.

  17. lurker9876 says:

    Oh, yeah, The John Adams v. Thomas Jefferson campaign was just as nasty….