Feb 14 2006

Cartoon Protests

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What else should we call this?

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  1. trentk269 says:

    Shouldn’t the caption read Media Reaction to Cheney Hunting Accident?

  2. ButNowISee says:

    Will U.S. children’s librarians knuckle under when Muslim “sensitivities” start protesting pictures of pigs? More on this aspect of the culture clash at http://www.virginianewssource.com/article77.html

    “If Piglet can be banned on the complaint of Muslim staff from a town council office in England, what about Britain’s public libraries or public bookstalls? And if in Britain, why not here?

    “Could protests from American Muslims force our public libraries to deep-six Winnie the Pooh to spare Muslim children the sight of Piglet? Charlotte’s Web, because it has pictures of Wilbur?

    “In the future, will the Children’s Television Workshop be pressured to excise Miss Piggy segments from Sesame Street re-runs? Will Warner Brothers have to retrofit all its cartoons that traditionally ended in a lively burst of melody and Porky Pig stammering, ‘That’s All Folks?'”