Feb 14 2006

Weldon Press Conference

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4:20 PM Eastern: Nothing to report. I was hoping transcripts or something would be out – but I only see one subscriber site with anything so far. I will keep checking to see if any wires come out. Seems everyone is still running around talking about the VP’s hunting accident.


Able Danger has a pre-show kick off today with Congressman Weldon’s noon press conference before the congressional hearings tomorrow. I am at meetings this afternoon so my take on the events will be later today. I am hoping we get answers to some basic questions like:

(1) Who ordered the purging of the China Study data, that ended up including the purging of the Able Danger data as well in the spring 0f 2000 when Atta and the other three 9-11 terrorists had been identified (and then lost due to the purge)?

(2) What was the rationale used for ordering this data purge?

(3) Who put the stop to meetings between the DIA and FBI in the late summer and fall of 2000 to alert the FBI of possible terrorists in the US?

(4) Where any of the terrorists known at that time linked to 9-11?

(5) Who ordered the destruction of Lt Col Shaffer’s Able Danger files at DIA in 2003-2004?

The answers to these questions are important to understand how to make sure people on CYA activities cannot detroy vital national security data ever again.

All my posts on this subject are here, my last big round up post is here. There is a lot of history in those posts if people wish to go back and see how things transpired.

Keep checking the Able Danger Blog and QTMonster’s Able Danger Aggregator for updates.

I expect this to be really interesting the next two days.

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  1. Weldon’s Press Conference – Looking for Answers

    AJ Strata has a list of the five Able Danger questions that need to be answered. Let’s hope that Rep. Curt Weldon’s press conference at noon today reveals some answers. Best Able Danger blog links are posted here. vadkinsQT Monster

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    A little late on this, meetings, but QTMonster has a live blog of the hearings here

  3. az redneck says:

    read shaffer’s written statement, also posted at QT Monster’s–an absolute must read!