Feb 13 2006

Canadian Al Qaeda Terrorist Indicted

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A Canadian Muslim has just been indicted by a US Grand Jury on some really, really serious charges:

New York – A US grand jury has indicted a Muslim from Canada on charges that he conspired to kill Americans overseas, conspired to use weapons of mass destruction, conspired to possess a destructive device to commit a violent crime, and that he possessed a destructive device to commit a violent crime.

The grand jury returned a four-count indictment on Friday, charging Abdullah Khadr, age 24, a Canadian national, with various acts related to his alleged procurement of munitions for use against United States citizens and US property located abroad.

Khadr was arrested in Canada on December 17, 2005 on a provisional arrest warrant based on a criminal complaint filed by the United States Attorney in Boston. He has been in custody since that time, awaiting extradition to the United States.

Anyone want to allow this kind of person freedom to call contacts in the US while the FISA Court judges refuse to use NSA intercepts for warrants?

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3 Responses to “Canadian Al Qaeda Terrorist Indicted”

  1. trentk269 says:

    But just think of the chilling effect all that will have on self- expression for suicide bombers…

  2. Observer says:

    Remember, we can catch them, torture them, take away their rights under the law, but we can’t actually seem to CONVICT the B*star*s.

  3. clintsf says:


    Far better than the alternative: convicting them in absentia but not catching them or stopping them.