Feb 13 2006

Al Gore The Useful Idiot

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Al Gore is such a bumbling idiot it is frightening to realize this clown was one heartbeat away from the nuclear button. He played useful idiot for Al Qaeda by claiming the US was indiscriminately rounding up Arabs (not Muslims at least) and detaining them in horrid conditions for minor offenses.

Is anyone really thinking my 2006 Democrat Contract With Al Qaeda was satire?

Al Gore is the village idiot in a village of useful idiots. Michelle has the roundup.

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3 Responses to “Al Gore The Useful Idiot”

  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Don’t look now, but John F’n Kerry is on the “I lost to that guy?” road to insanity also. Kerry is sKerry lately, posting on Kos and basically saying everything Gore is saying. What is really sKerry, is that JF’nK is a sitting Senator.

    And let us not forget Howie Screamin’ Dean. His performance yesterday was so full of Lies a Novel could be written from that one appearance alone.

    Come to think of it, look at all the Loons on the Left and tell me that Party hasn’t descended into the Bowels of Insanity.

  2. trentk269 says:

    The Democratic Party is on a suicide mission all its own- to reduce itself to permanent minority status.

    Stories like the preceding (Canadian Al Queda plotter siezed) make it increasingly clear that-God forbid- these nuts are getting closer to the day they get lucky and nail us. The Dems will be on TV before the smoke clears to tell us that George Bush isn’t doing enough to fight terrorism.